Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter came and went for me this year before I even knew it was here. This year hubby had to work, and most of my family (extended) was out of town so I decided to host Easter this year at our new house. I invited my in-laws, my parents, great grandparents, and hubby's siblings and their better halves over (although only one couple could make it). It was small but it was so enjoyable. I fixed ham, potatoes and Lima beans.  Hubby is known for his ham during holiday gatherings and because he had to work it was all on me.  I was so nervous I wouldn't be able to hold a candle to his ham. This coming from the girl that once had zucchini muffins blow up in her oven, true story! It's safe to say that we prefer hubby to do the cooking around here.

On Saturday we stopped by the mall to catch the Easter Bunny before he hoped away!

IMG_0896 copy

IMG_0898 copy

They were excited to see the bunny until we rounded the corner, then the tears started flowing.  I can imagine a big furry bunny would be a little scary.  Baby girl was not worried about the bunny, she ran the opposite way…little man on the other hand had a grip on his daddy like no other!

IMG_0903 copy

This was the best shot we got…hey at least they are all in one picture and only one is crying.  Progress!

IMG_0913 copy

Sunday they woke to see the bunny left the awesome baskets, even if they did not want to sit in her lap the night before.

IMG_0922 copy

IMG_0924 copy

They thought it was awesome that the “balls”, as they were called, had smaller “balls” inside that they could eat. 

IMG_0926 copy

IMG_0929 copy

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IMG_0941 copy

We colored some eggs before Daddy had to run to work.  It took a little while for the babies to understand what we were doing, but once they figured it out they were impressed.

IMG_0949 copy

IMG_0951 copy

IMG_0953 copy

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Once the rest of the family arrived, Aunt Caitlin started playing with the camera.  I was happy because I am normally the one that is taking pictures so I am not in them.  So I cannot take credit for some of the upcoming pictures.

IMG_0984 copy

IMG_0988 copy

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Baby girl being silly with her candy.  The food was so yummy.  I ate more cookies and cupcakes than I did “real” food though, but that is how it always is with me.

IMG_1065 copy

IMG_1067 copy

IMG_1069 copy

IMG_1071 copy

After we got done eating, it was time to hide the eggs…and then hunt them.  My Nana (great grandmother) still loves hunting eggs, so when we hide eggs every year we have to hide some that are harder for her. 

IMG_1077 copy

Nana and baby girl had matching shoes on, they didn’t send everyone else the memo Winking smile

IMG_1081 copy

IMG_1099 copy

While the eggs were being hid, little man opened his chocolate bunny.  He was disappointed to find out that it was hollow inside.  He looked inside the bunny like “man I got ripped off”, then he carried the chocolate bunny for the next hour…literally.

IMG_1102 copy

Sat the bunny down while he shot some basket ball and mowed the yard.

IMG_1104 copy

Then he carried it to the table and laid the bunny down while him and Aunt Caitlin rescued a lizard to the fence.

IMG_1105 copy

Then it was time to find the eggs, but Mr. Chocolate Bunny had seen better (more solid, un-melted) days.  It was “yuckie” as little man said.  But he still would not put the bunny down…so we carried it to the front yard to hunt eggs.

IMG_1110 copy

Pawpaw was able to successfully capture the bunny from little man while he began his egg hunt.

IMG_1113 copy

IMG_1117 copy

IMG_1125 copy

IMG_1135 copy

IMG_1137 copy

IMG_1142 copy

IMG_1145 copy

IMG_1149 copy

IMG_1152 copy

IMG_1165 copy

IMG_1182 copy

Something definitely had everyone interested in this picture…but I do not know what it was.  I’d like to point out little man and baby girl appear to be in a race to something.

IMG_1183 copy

IMG_1188 copy

IMG_1191 copy

IMG_1197 copy

After the chocolate bunny “disappeared”, little man’s hands were what does a little boy do?  Wipe his hands on his shirt, right there on his hiney, a nice chocolate hand print!   Then it was posed picture time, and this is where it becomes clear the work I still have to learn on my new camera.  Not to mention, getting toddlers to sit, smile, wait, sit, smile, wait, one.more.picture…let’s face it I was asking way too much.

IMG_1206 copy

IMG_1212 copy

IMG_1215 copy

IMG_1220 copy

IMG_1224 copy

IMG_1230 copy

IMG_1236 copy

After about an hour of hunting eggs, we headed back inside.  We all were pooped and hot.  Nana got in the floor with the babies and played while the men folk chatted it up on the sofa and lazy boy.

IMG_1246 copy

IMG_1249 copy

That pretty much sums up our Easter.  It was awesome, but could have been perfect if only hubby/Daddy were able to be there.  I hope your Easter was fabulous and you remembered to thank Him for all He has given us.

By the way, happy small Friday! TGTIF (Thank God tomorrow is Friday)! 

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