Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Play Date in SW

Yesterday morning we met our friends at  the park for some play fun, and mommy time!  The play ground we met them at is in their neighborhood.  We got there early enough that it was cool outside and not busy.  The kids had a great time playing, like they always do.  Little man got to try out a scooter for the first time…he loved it.  He wasn’t sure how to use one foot to push with but he had a ball trying to figure it out.

IMG_2099 copy

It was such a pretty day, warm, blue skies and no clouds.

IMG_2103 copy

IMG_2105 copy

Little man loved the circle slide.  He would have stayed there all day if I would have let him.

IMG_2109 copy

IMG_2111 copy

Babygirl made me so nervous, she was fearless.  She climbed right up there along with her brother…she doesn’t realize that she is not as big as he is.

IMG_2112 copy

IMG_2113 copy

My friend and I have four of the cutest babies in SW let me tell ya.  Look at this beauty…it’s little man’s girl friend.

IMG_2118 copy

IMG_2120 copy

Someone was ready for a nap Smile

IMG_2124 copy

She loves her beads, or did until babygirl tried to put them on and broke them…we will have to buy her a new pair.

IMG_2151 copy

What did I tell ya, it’s true love I’m certain….look at how they look at each other.  And he even shared momma’s sweet tea with her…they are the cutest I tell ya, so adorable!!

IMG_2128 copyIMG_2129 copyIMG_2133 copyIMG_2136 copy

IMG_2138 copyIMG_2140 copyIMG_2142 copyIMG_2144 copy

We always have such a great time when we all get together.  I’m so thankful to have the friends that we have and all with children the same age as ours so they can all grow up together.

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