Friday, May 4, 2012

Sunday Fun Day at Gammy & Pawpaw’s

This past Sunday we left our play date in SW we went to Gammy and Pawpaw’s to hang out and play in the slip-n-slide.  It was such a beautiful day but HOT!  Of course I took several pictures, enjoy…
IMG_2166 copy
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The water was super super cold.  When the babies first ran through the sprinkler they were shocked by the cold water, then they began enjoying it and could not get enough.
IMG_2191 copy
IMG_2193 copy
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My mom has some of the prettiest flowers and yard, I love taking pictures out there of the flowers and plants.  She needs to come landscape my yard.  I definitely did not get her green thumb!
IMG_2227 copy
IMG_2237 copy
IMG_2238 copy
IMG_2240 copy
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Babygirl was not sure what to do with the slip-n-slide.  Gammy had to help her run down the slide and jump into the pool at the end.  She loved it! 
IMG_2245 copy
IMG_2249 copy
IMG_2250 copy

After they played in the water for a bit, they played in the sand box and then we walked around the yard admiring Gammy’s beautiful flowers.  Then we went to the garden and I got some herbs to take home.  I cannot wait to share my herbs with you, but I have to get them to perk up first!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!!

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