Monday, May 21, 2012

Craft Packed Weekend!

Happy Monday!! We had such a great weekend. I'm sad it's already over. Back at work and ready for Friday to get here, beach this weekend!!

So Friday kicked off my weekend with a bang, it was date night! Hubby and I try to do this monthly, special time just for us. We went to a movie this the old dating days :) we saw the new battleship movie. I was not looking forward to it, at all actually. But I thought if the movie sucked that was ok, I could curl up on hubby's shoulder and take a nap- which is what I typically do during a movie. But this time was different, I actually got into the movie. It was good! I'm surprised I liked it as much as I did, but I wouldn't mind seeing it again! We ended date night like we always do, a trip to Wally world! lol we do it up right y'all! ;)

Saturday was spent starting my many craft projects I planned for this weekend. We also headed to pick up our babies from the farm.

Sunday threw us a curve ball. My disclaimer- owning a home is not always glorious! Saturday we got home to a broken front door knob. Two trips to lowes, several choice words from hubby, and 3 hours later it was all better. But that meant hubby couldn't go to work- darn! ;) he was pretty upset because it was not the way he wants to use his leave. I wrapped up my crafts and spent time cleaning up the house.

Overall a perfect weekend! I have posts coming this week explaining how I completed my projects, and pretty pics of my babies from their trip to the farm! Until then I leave you with my finished projects for you to drool over ;) I'm pretty proud and love each of them.

Hope you have a great week!

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