Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grad Party

This past weekend one of our dear friends graduated from Florida State, again!   He already has a degree but went back for a career change.  This dude really has a lot on his plate, a wife, new baby, working full time and graduating from FSU, so he deserved a fun filled celebratory party and we were excited to join in congratulating him.  The party was held at a park here in town (we had a weekend full of park fun), and this was actually the first time the babies had ever been to the park…and they were impressed to say the least! 

IMG_2065 copy

As soon as their feet hit the…dirt…sand…rubber…they were GONE!  It literally took all hubby and I had to keep our eye on them and make sure they stayed safe.  We wanted to let them run free and explore but at the same time we were concerned about their safety because there were several big kids, but they hung in there!  If you can’t hang with the big dawgs, get off the porch…right!?

IMG_2070 copy

IMG_2072 copy

A SLIDE!!!!  She was was so excited to see such a fun thing…then we couldn’t keep her off of it!


Ok…we couldn’t keep anyone off of the slide.  Everybody enjoyed it, even the adults!! 

IMG_2082 copy

Sweet baby was so tired!  But don’t they look so proud of their daddy/hubby!?!?

IMG_2085 copy

He only had a second to take a break and get a quick picture with momma!

IMG_2088 copy

By this point, he was so tired he kept sitting down to rest…but only for a second, then he was off again!

IMG_2091 copy

They both look so tired here…and they were.

IMG_2092 copy

IMG_2093 copy

We had such a fun time at the park and were glad we could celebrate with our graduate friend!!!



Happy HUMP day!!!!! WOO HOO, we are half way there…come on Friday you are so close I can smell ya Winking smile

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