Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a blast, we started by having our monthly date night Friday. Hubby wanted to see the new Battleship and I was very reluctant. To my surprise, it was great! I did not care for the aliens too much as most of you know I am slightly afraid of those funky looking creature like things that live “out there”. Yes, before we go any further, I believe in aliens and I am terrified of them. Thanks to that ridiculous little movie that came out when I was young, ET. Ugh, just the thought about me typing this makes my skin crawl. Anyway, back onto the movie. It was really good. I enjoyed it and although I about ripped hubby’s arm off a time or two during the alien scenes, I would like to see it again.

Then on Saturday we headed to the farm to pick up the babies, swim, and begin my projects.

IMG_3293 copy

First thing we did was a little coloring.  These markers were well deserved for this little boy.  I am not gong to tell that story here, but I may do a separate post about it later.

IMG_3299 copy

Then Papaw and Nana made homemade ice cream.  While we waited for the ice cream to finished, we took a dip in the pool.

IMG_3307 copy

IMG_3314 copy

Little man worked on his swimming skills with daddy and nana.

IMG_3317 copy

He is getting really good about swimming.  He is now trying to go under water and we are trying to teach him how to hold his breath.

IMG_3329 copy

Babygirl wanted to give it a shot too.

IMG_3330 copy

IMG_3333 copy

They always enjoy the water so much, I just cannot wait til they know how to swim better where I don’t have to worry the whole time about them.

IMG_3336 copy

Watching the babies swim.

After our dip in the pool we went across the street for a little family cookout.

IMG_3342 copy

IMG_3347 copy

This picture will probably NEVER happen again, I had to get a picture to prove they DO love each other and can be sweet to one another.

IMG_3352 copy

Watching the grill…he’s thinking “are those burgers done yet”.

IMG_3355 copy

IMG_3361 copy

I always LOVE taking pictures across the road at the farm house.  It’s the old rustic country look that I adore.  So I had to play around a little while we were over there.

IMG_3363 copy

IMG_3367 copy

Ok, this is not old or rustic, but the salt made a cool picture.

IMG_3371 copy

Finally time to eat!

IMG_3376 copy

IMG_3377 copy

Can you guess what this is?

IMG_3387 copy

IMG_3378 copy

Not just a chicken…but a one legged chicken.  A fox tried to get it out of its cadge and pulled its leg off.  Pretty amazing that it survived…AND lays eggs!

IMG_3385 copy



We had a great time as always.  Hope your weekend was fabulous!!

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