Thursday, May 3, 2012


This weekend had a whole lot of randomness in it.  We spent a good portion of it at home, relaxing and enjoying family time…I can never get enough family time.  I don’t remember what started it, but hubby got full force clean-out-closet-mode and he went through the closet in little man’s room.  Side note: when we moved it we had a lot of help unpacking (thank God!) but we just told people “just put it somewhere, we will organize it later”…”later” has not come for many of those things, his room being one of them.  I guess reckon 9AM Saturday morning was as good a time than any…so hubby jumped on it!  As he was cleaning it out, he found the camera my momma gave him for his high school graduation…with FILM STILL IN IT!  HAHA I have that at Walgreens to see what was on it, I may not want to know.  But he gave the camera to little man to play with and boy was he excited. 


He walked around, “cheese momma, cheese”…so cute!  He was taking pictures of everything…he would explore the camera and push all the buttons and turn the knobs.  He thought that little jewel was the coolest thing since sliced bread.


Ok, so this next picture is a little PG13.  I was home with the babies one night last week and we looked in the backyard and saw what looked like two snake heads sticking out of the stump in front of the swing.  I FREAKED!  Ran and grabbed my camera and my zoom lens…

IMG_1970 copy

…only to find out that it was two SKANKS! Just as bad in my opinion. And they were making babies…thankfully I did not have to explain what they were doing because my babies are too small to care, they just thought it was neat. So hubby got home and was the perfect gentleman, he removed the stump for me…as for the skanks, we have not seen them since!

IMG_2041 copy

Saturday was project day, in addition to the graduation party.  I worked on curtains, pillows, plants, and a canvas…only two of those projects are actually 100% complete.  I’m really bad about that and it drives my hubby CRAZY!!  But I can’t help it I will start a project and finish it through the “pretty” stage and be done with it.  After it looks good, who cares if it is finished!?

IMG_2042 copy

Completed project pictures will come…when the project is complete of course! Smile


This is one of the projects that is partly complete, I wanted to cover this canvas with fabric and put in our living room…somewhere.  But I cannot decide where!

IMG_2057 copy

I’m on the fence…I like it in both places…maybe that means I need to get another canvas and make two…hmmm….

IMG_2058 copy

It was not a productive project day, but I did get some stuff done that really needed to be done…but now I have five or so projects pending completion! I will get there, good news is this is my own house and I have all the time in the world to do what I need to do!


I’m looking forward to the weekend and by golly it must know it  because she is taking her precious time getting here!   I have a lot of fun planned for me and the babies this weekend, unfortunatly all without daddy but we are ready for some fun in the sun…come one Friday at 4:30!


Tamara said...

Girl! Do you mean SKINKS?! Never heard of those called Skanks! I literally loughed out loud when I read that :-)

Ashleigh-Anne: said...

I was about to say the same thing in reference to the "skanks" actually being "skinks"!!! LOL!! Too funny!!! I was definitely LOL-ing!! :)

Renee said...

No, y'all both are crazy. They are skanks! I've heard them called skinks but they are skanks to me! I cannot STAND them. lol I wondered if anyone would say something about that. We have an ongoing debate about them being skinks vs skanks. But yes, it's the same creature!