Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Shake it For Me!

When we unpacked our kitchen on move in day, we noticed that our salt and pepper shakers were ruined. We emptied them when we packed them up and we even wrapped them in paper towels, but they still rusted and the salt left the metal all yuckie while in storage. So we had to toss them on move in day. Since then I have been using salt straight out of the bottle, and causing my family to pucker up every time they eat…while we have been on the hunt for new shakers.

DID YOU KNOW!? How expensive salt and pepper shakers can be? It is absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion. So, we never bought any. Then this weekend, I was reading through my list of blogs and saw a picture of mason jar salt and pepper shakers…score!

I didn’t click the picture to track down the blog because I honestly did not think I would have time to get to this project this weekend along with the many others I was working on.

But while I was waiting on paint to dry…I decided I would grab some mason jars from the corner of the garage and start poking holes.

The first ones I made I used big nails…make it a note that you need small nails. I would use like little finishing nails.

IMG_3417 copy

I poked three holes in the pepper one and about seven in the salt one.

IMG_3437 copy

After I took them inside and washed them, I tied a cute little bow on them and filled ‘em up!

IMG_3436 copy

I love how they turned out and FINALLY we have salt and pepper shakers. Total cost for this project= $0!

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