Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chalkboard Chunk-O-Wood

I have wanted a chalkboard in the kitchen for a while. I have been contemplating on painting the end of the cabinets with chalkboard paint or buying a pretty frame and making one that way. But neither of those ideas ever became reality. I was worried about teaching the babies “bad habits” about writing on the end of the cabinets, how would they know that it chalkboard paint?! I did not want to buy a pretty frame because that would probably cost a pretty penny and the kitchen does not really have space for a big pretty frame. So I was in Lowes this past weekend and it hit me- a chunk-o-wood! I picked one up, took it home and got started.

First thing I did was attach a picture hanger to the back of the wood to hang it with. I actually had hubby’s help with this because he’s amazing like that!

IMG_3405 copy

At first we tried this string style picture hanger. 

IMG_3407 copy

Attaching the string to the board.

IMG_3411 copy

After hubby went through the hassle of putting the picture hanger on the board we realized that it will not work because of the weight and length of our board.

IMG_3415 copy

So we had to change plans to use this style picture hanger.  If you are doing this project, we recommend this style picture hanger.  It is more stable and really works best.


Then, I distressed the wood. But unlike distressing wood to make it look old, I just took a hammer to the sides of the wood and its corners. You want the “chalkboard” part to be as smooth as possible for writing.  My object for “distressing” the wood was to make the corners and edges more rounded.

IMG_3416 copy

Then I began painting it with chalkboard paint. I have heard that you can make your own chalkboard paint, but I didn’t do that. I wasn’t feeling that crafty!

I painted three coats because I wanted a good smooth surface. Then I took chalk and “roughed” it up a little bit.

After all was said and done, I wiped her clean with a damp clothe and sat up the weekly menu.

IMG_3431 copy

I am really happy how it turned out. It was a super easy and super inexpensive way to add something to the kitchen. This space needed one more thing and my chalkboard chunk-o-wood really did the trick.

IMG_3430 copy



No I did not take the time to actually plan out our weekly meals this week…by the time I got done crafting I was ready to hit the sack. But I promise you we are eating this week!

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Jessica Kruger said...

Hey Renee. I wanted to share this with you as I know you would appreciate it :).