Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day

This year’s Mother’s Day was bitter sweet for me.  I have everything in the world to make me the happiest Momma in the world, but unfortunately I was not able to spend my Mother’s Day with the one who made me a momma and that really stunk!  Sad smile  But that is ok because I did get to spend it with those who call me momma and make me so very proud to be the momma I am.  I was excited about Mother’s Day this year because I not only got to spend it with my babies, but I also got to see my momma, her momma, and her momma’s momma.  So our day started off with a bang at Gammy’s we got their bright and early.

IMG_3044 copy

First thing little man did was share some loving with his Pepa.  So sweet.  One thing I can pat myself on the back for as a momma is teaching my babies to give lovies. 


My momma made pink lemonade cookies…nope I’ve never heard of them either but let me tell you they were so very yummy.  And they looked pretty too!  Gammy made the babies two special cookies, we will see those a little later…

IMG_3053 copy

My great grandmother was able to come, she is amazing.  I can only hope that I live in her foot steps as a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and great great-grandmother.  How awesome is it that she is able to see five generations of females in her family…such a blessing!

IMG_3055 copy

My dad’s momma was also able to stay on Sunday and join in the festivities with us too.  Normally when she comes she has to leave pretty early to get home in time to get ready for work, but she was able to stay later this Sunday and I am so glad that she did. 

IMG_3064 copy

My Mema got her momma, my nana, a charm for her bracelet.  We agreed not to do gifts for each other, however my great grandmother is like a child on Christmas…she loves opening gifts.

IMG_3074 copy

IMG_3077 copy

When Nana and Johnny come to visit, Johnny spends most of his time like this.  However my Nana cannot stand to let him sleep but I was able to get a picture before she went outside to wake him.

IMG_3078 copy

We all opened our cards while the babies were  getting their rest to give us ALL a run for our money later in the afternoon.

IMG_3080 copy

IMG_3083 copy

IMG_3084 copy

IMG_3086 copy

IMG_3097 copy

I’m so proud to be a Momma in a family full of amazing mothers to give me the best role models.   We also played around with my camera some, and went outside to snap some pictures.  It’s not everyday that five generations exist so we like to take pictures every chance we get.  Momma had to how off her and Dad’s new toy…a little boat!!  I’m so excited about it, I can see little man fishing with his Pawpaw now.

IMG_3100 copy

IMG_3102 copy

The men folk slipped away to play with the boat while us ladies played with the camera.

IMG_3103 copy

IMG_3106 copy

IMG_3112 copy

IMG_3120 copy

Five generations strong…can you see the resemblance?  I can.  It’s fun to me to watch my momma and then watch my mema and then watch my nana…we are all just alike.  So if you ever wonder what I will be like 21 years from now look at my momma, and her in 21 years look at my mema, and so on…Smile

IMG_3123 copy

I was able to trick the men into getting in the picture real fast to get a group shot.  I learned next time I set a timer to use the auto mode and make sure I am in focus…hey I’m still learning that fancy shmancy camera!

IMG_3126 copy

We are in trouble with baby girl, she is prissy, she is bossy, she loves the camera, she is absolutely adorable, and she knows it!  She got up on that bench and started posing and smiling and talking, I bet ya I took 50 pictures of her sitting there if I took a one!

IMG_3127 copy

IMG_3128 copy

IMG_3134 copy

IMG_3135 copy

IMG_3136 copy

IMG_3137 copy

Little man on the other hand, does not care too much about pictures and could care less if I get one picture of him actually looking at the camera.  So this is the best brother/sister picture I got.

IMG_3139 copy

Then it was time to play in the water…boy did they love it!  I love taking pictures of them having fun so I took a lot of pictures here too.  It’s so much easier taking pictures of children having fun than to try to pose them, at least that goes for my babies.

IMG_3149 copy

IMG_3159 copy

IMG_3168 copy

IMG_3169 copy

IMG_3174 copy

IMG_3178 copy

IMG_3188 copy

Little man moved one of Gammy’s plants and this HUGE spider was there.  He said “bug momma, ewww”.  It was seriously the biggest spider I’ve ever seen.

IMG_3192 copy

IMG_3206 copy

IMG_3208 copy

IMG_3210 copy

IMG_3221 copy

IMG_3223 copy

The adults had such a great time watching the babies play…it’s always very entertaining!


IMG_3229 copy

IMG_3232 copy

After playing in the water for a while it was time to put down some cupcakes…no worries baby girl had that covered.  The child LOVES cup cakes, don’t judge her.  She can’t help it.  She gets it natural from her momma.  And yes, I would say she’s a fat kid like me when it comes to that but…between me and her we put down about 6 MINI cup cakes.  I had to include MINI in there because that basically means we had two…that’s not too bad right!?

IMG_3234 copy

IMG_3247 copy

IMG_3248 copy

IMG_3249 copy

As it the cup cakes were not enough sugar, we also had to eat Gammy’s special cookies before we left.  They were giant lemonade cup cakes with M and Ms on top…that’s what grandmother’s are for right!?

IMG_3252 copy

It was a fantastic Mother’s Day, besides it being without my hubby.  I could not ask for better babies and they could not make me any happier.  I am truly blessed!! 


I hope your Mother’s Day was fantastic as well.

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