Tuesday, May 15, 2012


“the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round"…now that I have that song stuck in your head, don’t worry you can thank me later!  Little man has fallen in love with anything that has wheels and “goes vroom” (as he says).  He loves fire trucks, tractors, trucks, trash truck, police, and he love air planes and helicopters too (yes I know those do not have wheels but according to him they still go “vroom”).  A friend of mine told me about a local neighborhood doing a “wheels at work”.  Basically the neighborhood has all kinds of “working wheels” in the street and the children can go see the big vehicles, get in them, push buttons, and play!  I could not wait to get my babies there.  I knew little man would think it was super cool and I had a feeling our dare devil baby girl would not be far behind him…and she wasn’t.

Their favorite is the trash truck, I think this is because we watch them a lot going down the road and picking up trash along the street.  They have always loved the trash truck until…

…they saw the SWAT truck. 

Little man didn’t really know how to act inside the truck.  He stood there and sat on the bench…while his sister…

explored!!  She was ALL OVER that SWAT truck.  She climbed in the front seat and tried to shoot the gun, thankfully little man yelled “no Sissy”…I’m kidding but seriously she was loving her some SWAT!

This truck I have never seen before.  It was a satiellite truck for FSU.  That’s about all I know of it because as soon as we saw it little man spotted this…

the FIRE TRUCK!!!  He loves fire trucks and firemen.  He thinks they are the neatest thing.  While he was standing next to the “big boot” for a picture they started up the truck so they could raise the latter…poor baby was scared to death when that truck started.  From that point on he was not sure about any of the vehicles…they were too big and too loud.

Watching the ladder “go up the sky”…he thought it was so neat how the ladder and fireman could go “up the sky” like the airplanes and helicopters do.

Then it was on to the vacuum truck.  Daddy demonstrated the napkin getting sucked up…little man and baby girl could have cared less!

Daddy spotted the hot rods so he had to show them off to little man…

while we spotted the ice cream!  Little man was so thoughtful to try to share with baby girl…

After we left the helicopter flew over and landed in the street.  Little man ran back towards the event yelling “I see helicopter”…so back we went to see the helicopter.

Although he wasn’t interested in getting too close.

Daddy and babygirl decided to get a up close view of the helicopter.

After we saw the wheels, we began our route for the parade of homes.  This has become a mother’s day/weekend tradition.  I think we have gone on the parade every year for the past eight years.  EW love it!  We get to go into new and remodeled homes throughout the area and get ideas for decorating, designing, and technology.  I look forward to it every spring and this year we would have two toddlers with us, who wouldn’t be looking forward to that!?  No worries, momma came prepared I have toys and snacks coming out my ears!

I was trying to keep the babies entertained by asking them to say cheese while we headed out to see more homes…it did not work too well. 

IMG_3013 copybwIMG_3020 copybw

But I did get two cute pictures of them.


We had a great time at both events and I cannot wait to take the babies back to wheels next year.  And as always I look forward to next year’s parade of homes!

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