Monday, February 20, 2012

While Momma Paints

Yesterday I was working like a bunch I little carpenter bees buzzing around...seriously thats what I felt like. I was in the guest bath, which is right beside the baby room, and noticed I didn't hear the babies...for non-mommas out there this is when you get concerned! So I went into their room when I saw nothing but books...everywhere! I mean off the shelf and on the floor. That's ok they are making memories right?!

Then there was lil man riding his "yeehaw" and where is sister?! I turn my head and see her, there, in the the closet standing on the shelf. I'm really not sure how she got up there since the little munchkin can barely walk but she did and she was proud. She waved her hands at me and "aaaaa" like "look mom...I did it...I so did it!!!"

Oh my children worry me some times. What if she fell from there...or better yet what if he decided to join her and the shelf came crashing down...what would I do with two hurt babies?! Momma only has two hands!

I secretly loved it though. I had to be all "momma" and get on to her because he was watching and I don't want him to think its ok but secretly I wanted to laugh and praise her and say how fun it looked to be up there on that shelf but had to play the momma role!

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