Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My mud room cabinet!

After we moved in we talked about trying to add a mud room style cabinet to the empty space behind the couch in the front door area. We threw the end around and I began stalking pinterest. I came up with some ideas and really feel in love...thankfully so did hubby!

We tossed around the idea about building a bench vs buying one for now. Hubby and I have never really built anything together so I was a little nervous about over doing it on our first project so i suggested to hubby we keep it simple for now and just buy q bench, not to mention i have a goal of babygirls birthday. We decided to buy a bench and build the rest.

We bought bead board and molding and got to work. I have a before picture and a few after shots to share but I am updating from my iPad and the app doesn't allow me to move the pictures so they are in the best order I could get then in.


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Looks so lovely and useful!