Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Nick!

The day after we celebrated Gammy's birthday we headed to the farm to celebrate Uncle Nick's birthday.  We had a great time relaxing and spending time with family...not to mention we got to eat!! :)

After we ate and sang Happy Birthday we of course had cake!  I have to say, I think babygirl enjoyed her cake the most.  She had it everywhere and unlike her brother who didn't really get into his first taste of cake, baby girl made sure she ate every-last-bit-of-it!  

You know I had to get pics to share...enjoy :)

Little man had to get in the photo shoot as well...he is famous for his "CHEEEEEESSSSEEEE" face any time he thinks you are taking his picture.
Papaw had to add some bunny ears to his head.
Papaw had surgery the day before so he was in the house "relaxing"....or so he claimed ;)
I really am not sure what everyone was looking at, or trying to figure out...but I found it a cute pic!
Whatever it was, they all were interested...

I absolutely love watching my babies interact with each other.  It amazes me to see them "talk", play, pick on each other and even fight...I just love it!!  He climbed the chair pointed at her and said "Sissy EEEWWWWW"!!!  They are so cute! :)

Birthday celebration was fun as usual...we are in full force birthday season in the Dawkins house hold.  Do you have birthday seasons in your family?  My hubby's side of the family all, or most, have a birthday between January and March.  Then on my family's side we, for the most part, were all born between August and December.  I mean several generations not just the really is funny to me.  It def makes birthday season fun because every other week we are celebrating someone for something...and who doesn't like a reason to party!?

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