Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No More Painting!

Last night marked the end of my painting journey, for a while anyway. No this does not include spray painting. I am certain I will be spray painting something monthly...it's just what I do. Hubby has a pretty standard saying "everything canNOT be painted"...awe he doesn't get it! Anything is possible with a good ole can of paint ;)

So now that the painting is done and we have completed our last DIY project I cannot wait to get up pics!

Our plan is to do one project each year to keep the house updated. With that being said, we are done until next year. I am so glad too. We have not had a night to come home, sit on our sofa, and watch tv since we moved in. Yes 6 weeks!!! I can't wait. But this week from here out will be packed with bday party prep...but that's the fun stuff!

Happy Tuesday y'all!!

P.S. don't judge me for having Ms. Margarita help me thru the painful last night of painting...without her I dunno that it would have been completed!

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