Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where ya been!?

BOY...where has the past several days gone?  I honestly cannot believe it is almost babygirl's birthday and I cannot believe I haven't posted in so many days.  Let's see to catch ya up:

-babies were sick
-hubby was sick
-celebrated my mom's birthday
-celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday
-PREP for the birthday bash....ok not really a bash but babygirl's birthday!!!

Also during the past 3-4 weeks my old cell phone slowly started to CRASH!  Little by little over the past few months it just started breaking down and finally the camera wouldn't work anymore...and yall know a cell phone with no camera is POINTLESS!! Haha, can you believe I just said that?!  I mean seriously, I remember the days when you got a cell phone without a cord you were fly, and let me tell you if you got one of them fancy ones with a color screen you were SUPER fly!

It's so funny to look back at how we went from the Zack Morris phone... remember this...

and now we have the iphone...

which I am now a proud owner of!!! YAYAYA...I'm super excited but still have so much to learn, it is very different from my droid.  It's amazing to me that we expect our phones to do so much now...but we do and I am so thankful to have a phone with a camera again...I'm happy (and slightly embarrassed) to admit I have had the phone for one day and I am at 30 that bad!?!?

I have many posts to update yall on everything so...stay tuned!! :)

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