Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Gammy!

My mom's birthday was last weekend and we went out for dinner.  There is this local hibachi place that mom wanted to eat at.  I was super excited to see the kids reactions when they started cooking...they were surprised to say the least.

 opening her gifts
 not too sure about this
 they gave him "fool proof" chop sticks and he had fun playing with them
 the group
 babygirl was so tired she propped her head on the table but she stayed awake and really enjoyed it
 when he "made fire" lil man wasn't into it until he was done cooking, I guess the fire being that close was a bit much for lil man...but after daddy soothed him...and he was given some fried rice he was better.

 grandparent "cheese"
pawpaw "cheese"

It was fun and YUMO but my poor babies were sooo tired by the time we left...but it was well worth it for Gammy's birthday!

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