Sunday, February 19, 2012

Purse Cam

When my old phone was that a word...oh well it is now...anyway when my cell phone did nothing but make calls and text when it felt like working halfway, I was stuck carrying around my old tiny point and shoot.  Don't get me wrong, that Sony was an awesome camera, however it is not one that I want to carry around every day with me.  Thank God he sent me to my iPhone...

When I dug out the camera I turned it on to start snapping and realized that there were old pics...that kind of brought back some old bad memories.  I deleted all of them except this one, it was our sink hole.  THANK YOU LORD those days are over!!

I wanted to share the few pics that were on that camera.  So here we go...WARNING totally randomness to these pictures!

Coming home from Nana and Papaw's little man could not wait to get out of the drive way before falling asleep.

The babies have gotten to where they "tackle" each is the sweetest thing.  Little man comes running through the house yelling "tackle, tackle" and he goes for her.  She just laughs it off, rolls in the floor with him, and they continue play fighting for at least a half hour.

 Eating breakfast one morning!

Oh yea...I cut my hair off!!! A lot of it too...but it wasn't enough to donate which was intentions :(  I just could not wait anymore and it had to go.

At the end of January, I donated blood for the first time.  I was so proud of myself and felt so good to do it!

We looked and looked for curtains for the dinning room and I could not find anything that I liked.  We finally found some at Lowes and they were a great price of only $4 a panel...not to shabby!! Unfortunately, there were only 3 and we needed 4 so what's a girl to do...cut 'em and sew of course!

Not really sure why these are out of order but this is the guest bathroom EPIC FAIL at a new paint color.  The color looked like it was going to be a cream color, however it ended up school bus yellow.  No worries, it was repainted in less than two weeks. (before and "progress" pics of every room to come!!)

Hubby helping hang the window treatments in the office.

Laying them out to cut and sew.

Get the hem ready.

Ta-da!!! That's little man's new word.  Window treatments can make or break any room.

Looking good dinning room...however still missing something (we are working on that).

Our Valentines Day 2012!!!

We started the day with the babies treats and heart shaped waffles...I forgot to take pictures of the waffles.

Daddy helping open the chocolates.


They had a Valentines party at the sitter's that day.  They came home with SO much candy and treats.  I didn't get a pictures of my dinner but hubby cooked an amazing steak, twice baked potatoes, and rolls  for was sooo yummy!

So after dinner, baby girl found her treats...and her brother's...and dug in while we were not looking...I mean seriously she had it everywhere.

She even managed to get the chocolate cookie from her brother and she chowed down on that thing...and got it everywhere.

She colored on the fridge.

Look at her cheek!!

Finger prints...

Enjoyed her some Valentines Day.

While the family watched and brother said "ewww Momma, eww"

Oh wait there is some crumbs in there

Look at the mess!!!

 She even colored on the wall!!

I hope that your Valentines was just as fantastic as ours.  I am FINALLY caught up on all my pictures and that took about a week!!  But it is Sunday, and unfortunately I have work tomorrow and it is past my bed time.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week!

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