Friday, February 17, 2012


I have been working on several different projects...mainly because while one is drying I move to the next.  I have had some success with my trials and have had failures (mainly one).  I am a perfectionist, I cannot STAND for something to fail and it is works I want it to be perfect and have absolutely no flaws...however I am not a professional so more times than not the projects have many flaws. 

I saw on pinterest, a while back, a DIY stick wreath.  I wanted to attempt it but did not have a tutorial and did not have what I really needed around the house.  So I worked on the wreath for about 3 weeks and finally got it secure enough to hang.  I did not have anything to glue the sticks to, so I just glued them to each other.  I did not think there would be a problem with it, but turns out there was nothing for the sticks to glue to and they ended up crashing down one day while I was at work and that was the end of their run.  I was super sad to see them on the ground because I really liked the look of the wreath.  Don't worry, project fairy was here, I am working on another as we speak! :)

My stick wreath during its "trial period"
I also busted out the cricut and got two projects checked off my list.  One being the "masterpieces" wall for the babies.
And the other a little "LOVE" for the bedroom.  I am still working on many projects and look forward to sharing them, even in their flaws and imperfections.

What are you working on these days?!?!  I find myself working on something every single day since we moved in.  I know there will always be something to do, that's why there are never "before" and "after" pictures of your home right, there are always "progress" pictures.  But I do look forward to the day that the big stuff is done for a while where I can sit and enjoy the house...that will be in about 3 days folks.  Hubby and I have this weekend PACKED in operation "tie up the final projects" which is underway as we speak.

Do you hear that, it is peace and relaxation in my future!  :)

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