Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Heart Photos- a lot

IMG_5333 copy

That’s all.

IMG_5334 copy

I just love taking pictures and these are a few that I took while at my parents’ place.

IMG_5335 copy

My mom took some too.

IMG_5350 copy

IMG_5351 copy

We both love taking pictures…it could be considered an addiction! Winking smile

IMG_5354 copy

Their neighborhood really is  a beautiful place.

IMG_5355 copy

Little man likes looking for the water.

IMG_5361 copy

I love the big trees, they make a really pretty background.

IMG_5362 copy

IMG_5366 copy

I have a challenge for you…

IMG_5368 copy

Try to get two toddlers and their momma to look at one place and smile long enough to take a picture.

IMG_5371 copy

I told them to hold hands and walk the other way.  So he went one way, she went the other and they tried to remain holding hands…it was hilarious to watch.

IMG_5372 copy

He found a large stick…

IMG_5373 copy

And shared it with his sister…such a sweetheart.

IMG_5374 copy

She LOVES picking up sticks and pinecones.

IMG_5385 copy

She wasn’t wanting to leave, she loved playing in the dirt and with sticks.


Beautiful trees

IMG_5399 copy

I snapped a few pictures around their yard too…I can find SO many things to photograph in my parent’s yard.


The past two weeks have been so busy. 


I have been out of town for work.

IMG_5417 copy

Had two babies and a hubby that was sick.

IMG_5418 copy

Then I started my new workout plan (AKA get yo butt in gear chick)…so I have been very lazy in the blogging world, that’s ok right!?!  I say so, you know I am never gone for too long. Smile



Happy almost HUMP day!!!

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