Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just Because…

These are just a few pictures from last week.  Our week last week was rough.  The babies both were sick and then hubby got sick…thankfully I did not get it. *knock on wood*

IMG_5273 copy

Baby girl was on a soft food diet because she had strep so we enjoyed our share of popsicles last week.


Little man was on the same diet, from the same illness…so he enjoyed many popsicles as well.  He also helped his daddy clean up the garage.


All of a sudden she decided she wanted to start wearing hand bands, not a problem with me but I thought it funny how random.

IMG_5277 copy

I got two new shelves!! Hubby put them up for me during one of his afternoon breaks from the sofa where he was sickly too. 

IMG_5276 copy

It was a rough week but we are all better and healthy and back to normal this week!!

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