Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Before we get to the fun in the sun pictures, I have to share this one of little man. 


Last night we converted his bed to a “big boy” bed.  He actually did really well the first night.  He only got up one time and went right to bed and slept through the night.


Today we headed to Southwood to spend some time with our good friends.  We decided to meet at the fountain and let the babies get wet.  My babies LOVED it and were very impressed to say the least.


I liked the fountain better than the pool because I don’t have to worry about floats or them “swimming” but they can still get wet and this way little man can RUN RUN RUN, I am not sure where all of his energy has come from lately but my goodness we need run time for sure!


He was impressed with the water.


So was she.


She was so funny, the water would pop her in the butt and she would stomp at it telling it “NO!”  hah funny thing is the water didn’t listen it kept popping her in the rear.


He said “cold momma” that only lasted a short time though, the temps have been in UP there this weekend!


IMG_4977 copy

That water was so bad, kept getting baby girl.

IMG_4979 copy

After our friends arrived they really started having fun.  I LOVE his face in this one!

IMG_4980 copy

She didn’t want to get her hair wet, doesn’t she look like such a lady!?

IMG_4981 copy

Water fun!

IMG_4983 copy

The Dawkins babies.

IMG_4988 copy

I had to get a picture of baby girl’s “new” smile.  I love it!

IMG_4989 copy

He had the best time running on this little wall too.

IMG_4992 copy

She tried to run behind him but she scared me so bad running on that wall because she is still very “wobbly”.

IMG_4996 copy

IMG_5001 copy

Before we headed out we wanted to try to get a picture of all four of them.  It was not easy.  This first one is super cute, but notice baby girl is in the background and cheesing it up, not sure why she didn’t want to come up to the front and have her picture taken with the group.

IMG_5003 copy

This is the best one I got of all four of them…somewhat in the same picture.  Baby girl barely made it in the picture.

IMG_5005 copy

I love this one, giggling babies!

IMG_5008 copy

They were going to “put on a show” for us, it only lasted 30 seconds though.

IMG_5009 copy

Then we headed to the park for a little “picnic”. 

IMG_5011 copy

It was so pretty and so much fun, but man was it hot.  We had the best time playing with friends and getting wet but the babies are pooped!! I guess that means for a long afternoon nap *fingers crossed*. 


Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!!  I hope to return this evening with my latest projects.  Here’s to getting them finished this afternoon!

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