Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday ‘merica!

Our fourth of July was pretty amazing if I do say so myself!! We started the day by wishing Daddy off to work, and little man completely broke down. So sad, he hates his daddy leaving to go to work. After we face time Papaw and Nana (and Uncle Tis) we had lunch and took a nap to be well rested for the festivities.

IMG_5036 copy

Tuesday we prepared our flag cake to celebrate “merica’s” birthday. Little man thinks the only time we have cake is someone’s birthday. Which is true. So we explained to him that it was America’s birthday that we were celebrated, to which he repeated over and over “happy birthday merica”…so cute!

I planned two activities for them: a “firework” noise maker and noodle necklace. The painted of both projects did not last very long, but playing with the noodles seemed to interest the babies more than anything…so a sensory activity began and I gave them a bowl of raw noodles each and they were good.

IMG_5038 copy

After we were done with our activities, we got a call from daddy saying they let him leave early…YEE HAW!

IMG_5042 copy

Gammy and Pawpaw arrived with an “activities” basket of things for the babies to do and fireworks.


We began with the inside activities since it was still raining and yucky outside. That didn’t last long, as my children are yard rats. Yes yard rats, and I LOVE it. They honestly could spend every waking minute outside and be 110% happy. So outside we went. It was wet, it was yucky, they got dirty but they had a BLAST!


IMG_5049 copy

IMG_5050 copy

IMG_5052 copy

Erin and Ian stopped by with their little man too, just realized I didn’t get one picture of them L sometimes as a momma you have your hands are always full. But we had a great time visiting with our friends and family.

We cooked sausage dogs and potatoes…yum! We tried to keep it simple because we Dawkins seem to overcook for get togethers and end up with WAY too much food so we wanted to make sure that didn’t happen this time. And it didn’t, plus we had that pretty awesome cake to eat.

IMG_5055 copy

And we did.

Aren’t you impressed? I was so happy with how it turned out. We worked very hard on it and little man had the best time with the batter.

Then we headed to the driveway in true “merican” style and played pyro!

IMG_5068 copy

IMG_5058 copy

The babies were fascinated with the fireworks and little man learned how to hold his first sparkler.

IMG_5066 copy

IMG_5068 copy

Baby girl kept wanting to grab the flam so she didn’t get to hold the sparklers, next year!

IMG_5080 copy

IMG_5085 copy

Then it was time to see the big ones. After getting freshened up, we packed in the car and headed to the neighborhood across from ours and parked up on a hill.  I made a little video of the fireworks we watched.  This is my first attempt at making a video and it’s 12:10 so I’m sorry there is no music…for some reason my  computer kept yelling at me when I tried to add music.  I will figure out why and fix that for my next video…promise! Smile Until then, enjoy…




The fireworks were amazing! The babies LOVED them, well baby girl fell asleep in my arms but little man was loving it.




All in all, it was amazing and I loved spending the day with my family and friends. I am so blessed to be an American and am so thankful for all those that are fighting and have fought for our country!

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