Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday at our house this past weekend wasn’t so fun. I say that mostly jokingly. It was fun because I got to spend the day with my babies, which is always a blessing. Although, I would have preferred them to be in a little bit better mood…terrible twos really are terrible and a sick little girl doesn’t help the cause either. I find it partly amusing and partly frustrating to see how little man can transition from this sweet, lovey, cuddly, caring boy into a grumpy, mad, crying, unable to satisfy toddler in a matter of like five seconds. It’s like a switch, although I can’t switch it off as fast as he can switch it on. I’ve heard that two is nothing compared to three and then I should definitely fear the fours, which I do! To add to his two year old mood swings, he has been getting up early (like 6:00) every morning for the past week. I had GREAT infants, that have always slept through the night til at least 7:30 so I know there are some parents out there that will probably hate me for complaining about this but I am not used to 6AM on Saturday and Sunday. I’m not sure what’s going on there. He’s in his big boy bed, in fact I was going to post about it but there isn’t much to say because he has been doing SO amazing…besides getting up with the chickens! So if anyone has any suggestions, I’m open for opinions!

IMG_5220 copy

When he got out of the bed Saturday and Sunday, he went and woke baby girl. She has been running a low grade temp and runny nose…I try to let her sleep but he didn’t agree. That started out Sunday with a bang. He was ill and tired by 8:30 and she was grumpy and sick and tired. I decided early on that it would be an outside day. My kids do NOT dig being inside. In fact I have wondered why we don’t just build them a tree house. I would go check on them several times a day, and take the fluids and food. I would let them inside to bath and use the bathroom. They would be the happiest babies EVER!

Letting them play outside benefits me too because usually I always have a project of some sort to work on so I sand or paint while they play. I always have homemade popsicles in the freezer ready to go and they look forward to them about half way through our outside time.

This past Sunday was no different.


I got better pictures of baby girl with her popsicle than little man.


She wasn’t going to move until she was done eating.


He on the other hand was everywhere.


He even tried various ways of “eating” his popsicle.


I even made me a little treat, frozen grapes…I highly recommend!


Bust out the grapes and you can get these two to sit still for about five minutes.

All in all it was a perfect Sunday, I would say that this is the life of a young family and I love it. I get frustrated, I complain, I feel like a failure at times, but in the end (when they go to bed) I sit down and reflect on my chaos and think I’m so darn blessed! I may have had my hands full today and I may have had a toy shoved up my tail pipe (true story see pic below) but it’s all good!


Incase you are curious, this is how much “excitement” we had this past Sunday.

I hope you had a great Sunday…here’s to another week!

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