Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Well Do They Grow? kids that is!  Being a mommy is not at all what I thought it would be like, it’s so much more. We had little man while we were still living in our town home but soon after moved in with my parents and that is where we were living when baby girl was born. I knew everyone told me the first couple of years of their life would be busy, crazy, stressful, etc. but after she was born I was like this is a piece of cake. Then we moved out on our own again, YAY! I work full time and so does hubby, but he doesn’t get home until bed time for the babies so the weeknights are pretty much single mommy life style for me and when I say it’s go-go-go I mean I don’t even get to go to the bath room some nights before 7:00, and I get home at 5:15. Two babies that are eleven months apart is more like having twins that are at very different stages. One baby is Mr. Independent big boy while the other is Ms. I wanna be just like my brother but I can’t figure out how to hold my spoon AND get the food to my mouth. And when she misses her mouth she gets MAD!


All this to say, while mommy hood is so very stressful and so very busy it is SO VERY amazing and I want to document it. All of it.  The good, bad, ugly, amazing, and craziness!  So, here we go update on our babies: how big are they, what are their likes and dislikes, funny things they do, how they aggravate the tar out of me (on purpose I truly believe), what is stressing me out, what makes being a Momma SO worth it, what I want to never forget, what is my favorite sayings of theirs, how they make our world continue to SPIN…a tribute to our little bundles of amazing-ness!




Little man: he's our softy. He’s just one big bundle of love.  He likes to cuddle with momma on the sofa pretending to be interested in what's on tv while daddy continues to tell him it's time for bed.  He responds to daddy "pretty" as he points to the tv. He loves to test me by me telling him not to do something but he will cut his eyes at me to see if I'm watching then do it anyway.  Or if I take something from him an put it on the bar he will grab the chair and get it.  He LOVES chicken. If u ask him what he wants for dinner he will tell you "chicky".  He is right at 3 ft tall, no jokes about how he’s almost as tall as his mommy please! He’s trying to dress himself but has a hard time pulling up his pants in the back- baby got back! He can Put his crocks on by himself, although sometimes we have to help him switch feet.  He's using his spoon and fork AND drinking out of a cup with no lid!  He’s learning his ABCs and our nighttime prayer, and in a good night he will even say it with us.  He tells his daddy to get "hown" (aka down) so he can tackle him.  He still LOVES to be! He loves to take his animals and put them in a single straight line from tallest to shortest and come running in the kitchen to get me to come look at them. He's been in his big boy bed about a week and doing awesome at it, another post to come on more details with that.  He’s potty training and is doing pretty good with it.   At first he would only go at school but now he’s gotten better.    He’s too busy to sit there long so if the "turtle" doesn’t take action, he’s "all done" in a matter of a few seconds.  When you get him off the potty he's going to tee tee in the floor almost every time so be ready!  And most importantly: he's an amazing big brother.  He makes sure his sister is very much taken care of.  He doesn't like her to cry or be upset.  He will let her walk all over him and he's ok with that. Hes definitely turning into our little man!






Baby girl: Ms. independence let me tell you.  This little girl is packing one large personality.  She came into this world fighting and she is going to be a fighter for the rest of her life.  You know what, it's pretty darn amazing!  You only have to be around her for a short period to know that she ain't playing around, she means business.  When you want her to do something she will tell you "no!" but it's in the cutest way which makes it so hard to discipline.  And she knows that! She’s trying to use her spoon but holds it in one hand and eats with the other.  She's not going to miss a meal.  She's not a fan of veggies, but LOVES cupcakes!   She's about 2 feet and a couple inches tall.  She loves shoes and jewelry, although she breaks the bracelets she wears.  She’s prissy and sassy but will get dirty with her brother in a heartbeat.  She too loves to be outside.  She’s very independent and likes to try to do everything herself. She takes after her momma by wanting to be in bed at bedtime and if she's not you can definitely see her frustration come out.  She has her brother wrapped around her finger and she knows it.  Shes a lover and cuddled when shes tired but if you want a kiss and she don't have time to cuddle she will blow you the sweetest kisses as she runs past you.  She makes the biggest smile and says "cheese" any time she thinks you are taking her picture.  She fights when it's bed time, although he knows she's tired and ready for bed.  She loves her babies and her purse an caries them around daily.  she likes finding your belly button and showing you hers.  She likes to come into the bathroom when her brother is trying to potty and when you are busy making sure he doesnt fall in the tee tee water she hangs over the side of the bathtub and falls in face first.  Then she screams like crazy til you get her out.  She likes to play peek-a-boo around anything.  She loves smiling and keeps a smile on our face!











They both love: waiting for daddy to get home and watching for him to pull in the drive way, eating home made popsicles in the driveway on hot Sunday afternoons, riding their stick ponys through the living room, tackling daddy and riding him like a horse, reading books with mommy, and playing outside!



















They are perfect in every single way- yes I'm biased and that's ok.  It's peaceful for me to reflect on how blessed we are with these little people, especially when times get me stressed and tired.  Being a mom is so much work and SO tiring but OMG so amazing and so fun.  I wouldn't trade my job as a momma for anything.  I love those little ones so much.  I hope to continue their update posts to document their little(a big) mile stones. 



Hoping to get my July 4th pics up soon.  We had so much fun and the babies were worn flat out! But little man enjoyed yelling "happy birthday merica" all day! I hope you had a great forth also. 

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