Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Shoot

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but have been scared. I got my “fancy” camera as I call it back in April and haven’t stopped snapping since then but haven’t quit figured it out. I’ve been wanting to get the babies outside and take some good portrait style pictures of them but I have been experience fuzzy, out of focus, and grainy pictures and to be quit frank- it pisses me off! Sorry for the ugly word but I just can’t stand it. Anyways, I have continued reading and learning and finally this past Sunday I jumped…we went into the yard, I set up a stool and attempted a photo shoot.


I had the best helper to get the “location” set up.

IMG_5218 copy

This stool is so unique to me. I got it from my Mema’s old neighbor that passed away and I have been wanting to refinish it, just haven’t gotten around to it. Tammy came over and said that it would make a great prop- never thought about that. Such a good idea Tam! So a prop it became. I still have plans to refinish it and put it in the house for the babies to use to wash their hands.


He just isn’t into pictures anymore, it makes me so sad!  He wants to play with his balls or trucks, or just play outside period.

IMG_5221 copy

The only sitting still picture I got of him.


Then it was time to play with sticks.


Her on the other hand…


LOVES to have her picture taken.


Enjoy some smiles!


…and facials!


IMG_5243 copy


*Mommy’s Favorite*

IMG_5245 copy


You wouldn’t know that she was sick while we were taking these pictures…but she was. 


For the grandparents and great grandparents that save these pictures this is a repeat without the words.

I did get a couple of pictures of them together.


This one had too many shadows but this is how they set so I had to snap a picture while it lasted…all of two seconds.


I tried to turn them around a little bit and snapped this one, really shows their personalities.

It wouldn’t be a photo shoot without some black and whites.  Black and white pictures have a special place in my heart, I eat them up.  They are so classic, pretty, and simple.  I just love them!






This one reminds me of a “head shot” for models or something…Miss Smiles!

IMG_5249 copy

His exacts words: “No cheese Mom-my!”  I guess we can see which one loves the attention and which one rather play ball…

I always have a hard time deciding which ones I want color, sepia, black and white, or antiqued…so I do all four and then pick my favorite!



I really enjoyed taking their pictures, of course right?!  I have beautiful subjects and love taking pictures why not!?  And I’m not biased right?! hehe I don’t want to commit myself to anything but I would love to take pictures of them regularly like portrait style to capture them growing up…next photo shoot I’m researching awesome fall ideas!  That is my favorite season of course! :)

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