Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Weekend Adventure to Gammy and PawPaw’s

This past weekend while hubby was out of town for work, we packed up and went to my Ma and Pa’s house. Mom had the weekend all planned out and it was packed of goodness. The plan was to spend the weekend crafting and DIYing, and that we did…and the best part- Mema and Pepa were there too!


The festivities began Friday night when we arrived and began preparing shrimp for dinner…that junk was the bomb dot com. So yummy that I didn’t even stop for a picture of the goodness. The babies enjoyed some mini ice cream cones, they were REALLY mini, but that didn’t stop the babies from enjoying the yummies.


We went on a golf cart ride, or two, or three…we had to literally drag little man off the golf cart. But it was such a beautiful ride.

IMG_4707 copy

Gammy is a fast driver…

IMG_4720 copy

Check out the sunset.


IMG_4703 copy

Saturday morning we packed up and shipped out to do some picking. I had so much fun rounding up old tables, signs, etc. The babies enjoyed running freely searching for their finds, and finds they found! That sounds like a sentence from a Dr. Seuss book.

I found some pretty awesome stuff and have some big visions for some of these pieces. I’m really not sure that my “visions” can actually be accomplished but I’m gonna give ‘er a shot, if I fail at least I can say I went down fighting right!?

Then we headed home to get started redoing Momma’s guest bedroom, check that out here!

Saturday night was spent painting, painting, oh and don’t forget we painted!

Apparently, while we were working on picking, painting, and playing (my three favorite P’s) mother nature was creating her own DIY project AKA Tropical Storm Debbie. I had NO clue there was even a possibility of a storm out there. Don’t judge me: I LOVE hurricane season. I think it is so fascinating seeing storms develop and become so powerful literally overnight. I love being inside on a calm afternoon listening to the rain and thunder. I love watching the lightning storms that often get in the summers in Florida. I love tracking the storms and making my own projection of which way they are going to travel. I love taking pictures of storms rolling in and seeing the front in the clouds breaking through. It’s remarkable. Don’t get me wrong, I do not like the damage they cause, the devastation, and leaving so many homeless. I pray for all the families that are suffering from TS Debbie and hope the state will soon dry out and recover.

So while we were glued to the TV watching the Weather Channel. I repainted mom’s lamp and my new canvas art work (will show the final results of that soon).

IMG_4777 copy

The babies always enjoy bath time in Gammy’s tub.

IMG_4790 copy

We finished mom’s room late Saturday night and when I say I crashed, I CRASHED. I have not slept that hard in a LONG time. Apparently I slept right through the babies waking up Sunday morning, thankfully Momma and Mema had the babies covered and I woke to hear “shhh mommy is sleeping” ahh the joys of spending the night with family that doesn’t get to wake early with two toddlers every weekend.

Sunday we had the cousins coming to play. My cousins have babies all under 4 years old…I’m not sure what those are technically to little man and baby girl, second cousins maybe?! It doesn’t matter they had a blast!

IMG_4838 copy

Do yall see the curls on that girl!?  Aint they so precious!?

IMG_4854 copy

Hiding in the bucket.


And in the doll house!


Talking on the “doll house treadmill” phone.

We played inside for a long time. After a couple hours of six toddlers running around screaming, it was time to move the party outside. TS Debbie can’t take down six toddlers. Thankfully she was nothing more than a little wind and LOTS of rain, at least around here. We played in the rain we did.

IMG_4897 copy

IMG_4903 copy

Those curls…I’m kinda in love with curly hair.  Can’t help it!

IMG_4904 copy

Snack time with Doritos.

IMG_4913 copy

IMG_4917 copy

That is a picture full of baby beauty!!

IMG_4921 copy

She’s not sure if she wants to get in the rain- might mess up her hair! Smile

IMG_4923 copy


IMG_4925 copy

Little boys always love playing in the rain.

IMG_4927 copy

She is still thinking about the rain…maybe she should just stay on the porch!

IMG_4928 copy

IMG_4935 copy

He took a break to rest his tired feet.

IMG_4945 copy

Wagon ride through the rain drops!

IMG_4947 copy

More Doritos.

IMG_4951 copy

The rain was so cold the babies were all shaking!

IMG_4953 copy

Pretty girl.

The kids children (hubby would correct me by saying “aint no baby goats around here”) all enjoyed eating, playing in the rain, and eating some more.

It was so nice to see my family. We all live in different cities and are grown married, have babies, etc. busy lives and don’t really get to see each other just because. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to have all the babies together again soon to play.

We had a blast this weekend at Gammy and Pawpaw’s house. It was jammed packed, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sunday when we got home we were all so tired. I don’t even know if I dreamed.


Why yes, thank you Gammy for sending home two cupcakes. The babies DEMANDED they have one before bed time, then I heard them laying in bed talking for the next half hour til they fell asleep. “No nite-nite Mommy, no nite-nite”.

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