Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HGTV My Momma!!!

I have “HGTVed” my MIL remember that from this post?!  Well this past weekend was my Momma’s turn.  We are working to slowly makeover her home into a beach home.  We are taking it one room at a time.  So this past weekend we started with the guest bedroom. 

IMG_4738 copy

The walls and furniture were all neutral.  I have always thought her walls were white until looking at these pictures and here you can tell they are actually tan.  She wanted to repaint her side table and mirror, and she bought a "P” initial art for the wall and we collected a few odds and ends around the house to decorate with.

IMG_4740 copy

My mom was the “high trimmer” while I “trimmed low” and Mema rolled out with her homies! Smile  After only a few seconds we heard “wow, that’s yellow”…I was beginning to think my Momma was regretting her paint choice.  After a few jokes, we concluded that we liked it!  These pictures make it look really yellow, and it is…but it is pretty too!



Roll Mema roll!


Before we started painting Saturday morning, we headed to Havana for some picking.  I racked up, more on my loot to come!  Here is a sneak peak into the painting chamber.  I was battling TS Debbie outside while I attempted to at least get one coat of paint on all the pieces, that didn’t happen.


The pink arrows are pointing out my digs, while the others are from Mom’s guest bedroom.  We started by painting her side table.

IMG_4755 copy

The table took…wait for it…FIVE coats!!  We sanded, painted and painted, painted some more!


You see that mirror over there all taped off, pretty, and shiny…well so did the babies and they began jumping on it.  Painting around toddlers, not such a good idea.


Oh but wait, Gammy pre-planned for this.  She bought four different projects for the babies to paint while we were painting.  We all had this cute little vision, the babies painting on the porch while we painted in the yard.  All is gravy baby!  But it wasn’t quite that way, the painting lasted all of two minutes…literally!  But they made some beautiful artwork in that two minute span.


After they got bored with their painting, baby girl decided to come help us paint.

IMG_4828 copy copy

Ta-da it’s done.  After we started filling the room, it didn’t look so yellow.

IMG_4819 copy

One of the new accessories Mom found was this lantern, aint it cute?  I like the shell with it.

IMG_4811 copy

I sewed five pillow cases for the pillows on her bed, I love how they compliment each other but don’t match.  Good fabric picks Mom!

IMG_4827 copy

The paisley is to die for.  And that rabbit, was my sister’s so special Smile

IMG_4828 copy

Another “after” shot.

IMG_4829 copy copy

Here is the table after and the lamp.  It was a brown color but I painted it a teal color.  My intention was to paint it several times to make it real teal, but after seeing the brown come through in random places, I kind of like it like that.  Eventually I want to burlap a lamp shade for my house and when I do I’m going to tackle her’s as well.


Beside the closet she hung five frames with little shells in them.


I think they are adorable.


See that art work, you can’t buy it anywhere…Mom painted that!  She’s amazing, I can’t help but brag on her a little.  I actually stole some of her art work that I am in the process of mod podging to a canvas for my home as we speak, I can’t wait to share it!


I like the frame, shell, and prop decorations on this hutch.  Is that a hutch?!  I think it’s a hutch, but I’m not sure.


There ya have it, the beginning to Mom’s beach house makeover- one room at a time!  I had such a great time helping her this weekend and can’t wait to tackle the rest of the house.  We also enjoyed some time with Mema and Pepa, Pawpaw, and the cousins came over to play.  It was a jammed packed weekend and when I got home Sunday I was TIRED!  When I say tired I mean like body hurting, once my head hit the pillow I was out, TIRED! 


I’m working on weekend wrap up pictures now…hoping to get those up tomorrow.  There is just one small problem, I took 300 pictures this weekend!  How does one do that?!?!  I think I need to start putting the camera away…better yet I will just keep snapping.  We bought a nice camera to capture the babies’ lives as they grow up and by golly I’m going to make it my goal to capture every second of it!!


Hope your weekend was packed with goodness like ours was.  Tomorrow is hump day yall and it looks like we are in for some sunny days in our future finally!

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