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Memorial Day Weekend 2012

FINALLY it’s here, my Memorial Day weekend post.  It’s only a week late.  We started our Memorial Day weekend by spending Friday night with daddy/hubby.  He wasn’t able to go with us to the beach so we spent time with him before we left.  Saturday morning it was up and out bright and early, well 11:00ish.  We were headed to the beach!!  I was really nervous about the car ride with the babies alone.  When we took them to the zoo it literally took one person to “tend” to them while the other drove for the entire trip, so I was worried about not being able to keep them happy for the beach trip.  Thankfully they were really good the way down.  We were good until about the last half hour, then little man came out of his seat and baby girl was ready for another snack.  As she always is!  We pulled over got back in our seats and loaded up on Ritz crackers and were good to go! 


When we arrived this is what we saw:

IMG_3585 copy

I absolutely love this place…so beautiful.  I was looking forward to having my new camera at the beach this year…I wasn’t prepared to take 1k, yes that is 1,000, pictures.  I was reading several things online about aperture and shutter speed, and ISO so I was really practicing on our trip.  I promise of the 1k pictures, I only kept about 175 and I didn’t post all of them in the entry.  But I did include many to share with the grandparents and great grandparents, so I apologize for the length of this post and the several pictures.

IMG_3594 copy

The babies enjoyed running free and playing in the shade under the townhome.

IMG_3603 copy

IMG_3613 copy

Especially playing peek-a-boo with each other and the poles.

IMG_3620 copy

They learned about shells and collected MANY.

IMG_3626 copy

We tried a little photo shoot with baby girl, she LOVES the camera so this was not too hard to do.

IMG_3627 copy

IMG_3631 copy
Then little man had to get his picture taken.  lol He was so funny rolling around the floor showing me his feet.

IMG_3637 copy

IMG_3649 copy

More peek-a-boo.

IMG_3669 copy

IMG_3681 copy

That evening, we headed to the beach and let the babies play in the water some.  We joked that the other people on the beach were probably wondering why we were playing in the water with our clothes on.

IMG_3688 copy

They really enjoyed the water and the little waves, little being the key word.

IMG_3692 copy

IMG_3698 copy

IMG_3704 copy

Gammy helping little man find shells.

IMG_3706 copy

After we got cleaned up it was time to head to town to pick up our dinner.  It has been our tradition for over ten years to get pizza and wings from a local restaurant the first night we are there.  Let me tell you this place has!  And that my friends is a promise!  After getting cleaned up, before we headed to town, Gammy showed little man and baby girl the bubbles that she got them.  They had the BEST time with those bubbles all weekend.

IMG_3711 copy

Gammy stop sticking your tongue out I’m playing with your ISO.

IMG_3713 copy

IMG_3720 copy

We did a lot of eating, like we do every Memorial Day weekend.

IMG_3730 copy

Hey Pawpaw!

IMG_3732 copy

Funny story: pawpaw and little man were playing catch and pawpaw through the ball and it rolled down little man’s back, I happened to snap a picture at the same time and got it in mid-roll.  It looks funny.  Don’t mind the orange and blue…Gammy didn’t do that on purpose!

IMG_3749 copy

Those eyes…I just love them.  True story: when I was prego with both of my babies I prayed they would get hubby’s eyes, they did! 

IMG_3751 copy1

She got them too…so pretty. 

IMG_3760 copy

Baby girl finally has hair growing in and it’s showing a few curls.  I just LOVE it.  I have wanted curly hair my entire life.  I have tried every way I can think of to curl mine and very few actually work and last.  I would love for her to have some curls.  I don’t wish her really curly hair because I have heard those are no fun to style and maintain, but a few curls here and there would be so pretty.


Back to the beach house, there was a screened porch off the back and we left the sliding glass doors open and they were free to run in and out the entire time…they LOVED it.  On the back porch there were two blue chairs.  They got the chairs down and played peek-a-boo with it.  Peek-a-boo was the GAME the entire time we were there.

IMG_3780 copy

IMG_3782 copy

IMG_3783 copy

In addition to playing on the porch, we enjoyed a lot of time under the town home in the parking space.  Yes, I’m that mom, I take my kids to the beach and we play in a parking area.  haha!  But they enjoyed it, it was in the shade, cool, and I was able to sit, watch them, and take pictures without worrying about huge waves from an on coming storm!

IMG_3790 copy

Watching the waves roll in.

IMG_3805 copy

Gammy brought “blue” (aka chalk) for them to draw with.  They enjoyed it, baby girl enjoyed eating it.  We tried to stop her but every time we looked she had that pink chalk in her mouth and making the “mmmm” noise.

IMG_3819 copy

This place has the.most.beautiful.sunsets I have EVER seen!  Granted I haven’t seen many because, we I just don’t go very many places.  But the few places I have been, these definitely are the best!

IMG_3827 copy

See for yourself!

IMG_3834 copy

Again, like previously mentioned the game for the weekend was peek-a-boo and man they loved playing it!

IMG_3836 copy

BUSTED!  Two ways she was caught here: one, I would like to point out the chalk on her cheek…meaning that she was eating it again. Two, she is coloring on the column, after being told several times to keep it on the ground. But it did make an adorable picture…shhh!

IMG_3839 copy

Ahhhh haaa!  Caught ya baby girl!

IMG_3866 copy

They loved the waves, so long as they were mild.  Once the storm started rolling in, they became scared of the bigger waves.

IMG_3879 copy

Pawpaw even enjoyed crushing a wave or two with the babies.  I tell ya, my kids have NO FEAR!! It’s nice because they are pretty much up for anything, but it scares the mess outta me and hubby.  There was another baby on the beach, that looked about baby girl’s age, he screamed from sun up to sun down because he didn’t like the sand, oh wait he didn’t like to water, nope he didn’t want to be held, are you serious pick up shells heck no….put it this way that momma and daddy would have been better off saving the money they spent on their beach vacation and put it into a collage fund for the poor child because he hated every waking minute he was down there.  And I felt so sorry for the momma and daddy because they tried taking a “family picture” in the waves, the kids SCREAMING bloody murder the entire time, the daddy and momma cheesing it away…knowing they really cannot be that happy!  Needless to say the next morning, they were gone.

IMG_3888 copy

Back to my beach babes, loving her some sand.

IMG_3897 copy

I told you, the most beautiful!

IMG_3904 copy

Every year we are down there we look forward to seeing how many turtles lay eggs.  First night we were there THREE sea turtles laid eggs.  SO AWESOME!  We woke to this sight, the “turtle people” as we call them, were out marking the nest.  If you look you can see the turtles tracks in the sand.

IMG_3915 copy

This is our house…living room.

IMG_3921 copy

Screened porch.

IMG_3922 copy

Kitchen. Momma putting away dishes.

IMG_3925 copy

I didn’t get the bedrooms because the babies were napping at that time…they were just beds no biggie!

IMG_3941 copy

We enjoyed a trip to the state park, like we do every year, to enjoy the bay.  I LOVE going to the bay because you get a chance to see fish, sand dollars, etc.  This year we took Pawpaw’s new boat down and got to ride around the bay.  Little man enjoyed that, so much that he fell asleep on the boat!

IMG_3946 copy

Sunday night we got dresses up, ok not really the adults, but I dressed the babies in their Memorial Day outfits and we headed to the Marina.  We wanted to take the babies to see BIG boats and get some yummy sea food.

IMG_3954 copy

IMG_3963 copy

Love this little outfit, the ruffles on her tush are too cute.

IMG_3966 copy

sassy!  When we first got to the Marina and charter boat had just come in and was unloading their day’s catch.  Check it out!  One of those fish were as big as little man.  He thought it was so neat to see BIG fish AND a big boat!

IMG_3972 copy

Yummy food.

IMG_3974 copy

IMG_3977 copy

IMG_3978 copy

Little man took my camera and took this picture of Pawpaw, not too shabby for a two year old.

IMG_3979 copy

Baby girl got cheese burger and french fries, and she took Pawpaw’s ranch, enjoy these next few pictures of her enjoying her dinner!

IMG_3982 copy

IMG_3983 copy

IMG_3984 copy

Let’s just say, she was FULL finally!  That being after Pawpaw got up to go to the restroom and baby girl noticed he left an entire piece of grouper on his plate…no worries, she took care of that too!

IMG_3986 copy

IMG_4001 copy

There were flags on all the boats…brought a tear to my eye…loved it!

IMG_4007 copy

IMG_4009 copy

This appeared to be a home made sail boat, I would be terrified to get on that thing.

IMG_4013 copy

I have NO idea what this fish is, we told little man it was a Sea Dragon…have no clue!

IMG_4022 copy

IMG_4024 copy

We had such a great dinner, and enjoyed looking at the boats.  LOVE our trips to the beach each year!

IMG_4034 copy

IMG_4039 copy

IMG_4046 copy

We went to a grassy area at the Marina and I sat in the grass, I wanted to play with my camera…and I did!

IMG_4060 copy

IMG_4061 copy

Jumping picture!

IMG_4068 copy

IMG_4074 copy

On the way back to the house, there was yet another beautiful sunset.

IMG_4099 copy

The babies got on an ice kick.  Yes, ice!!  They wanted to eat it all weekend.  Hey it wasn’t messy, it is cheap, let them eat ice!

IMG_4126 copy

IMG_4131 copy

IMG_4149 copy

IMG_4150 copy

IMG_4151 copy

IMG_4153 copy

IMG_4170 copy

Gammy and Pawpaw watching the babies eat their ice.

IMG_4177 copy

Then we headed back to the beach!

IMG_4181 copy

Played in some more waves.  By this time you will notice the sea weed started coming in from the storm.  By the time we left the beach was covered with sea weed.

IMG_4183 copy

IMG_4184 copy

IMG_4187 copy

IMG_4188 copy

IMG_4191 copy

A beach view of our place.

IMG_4195 copy

Storm rolling in…it got nasty!

IMG_4198 copy

Baby girl searching for shells.

IMG_4199 copy

IMG_4214 copy

IMG_4222 copy

Our beach house from the front.

IMG_4236 copy

Monday night’s sunset.

IMG_4249 copy

Watching the storm and waves.

IMG_4267 copy

IMG_4274 copy

IMG_4291 copy

The storm coming in made for some awesome sunset pictures.

IMG_4295 copy

IMG_4301 copy

That’s a wrap folks!  We had such a great trip and enjoyed every bit of it, as if you can’t tell from all the pictures.  I hope your Memorial day was amazing and now that I am FINALLY caught up with that I hope to get some of my latest crafts/DIY stuff posted soon.  I am super excited to show you what I’ve been up to! 

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