Monday, June 18, 2012

Father’s Day 2012- Q-town

This year Father’s Day was slightly different, because hubby had to work, so we decided to split up the celebrations on two different days.  It was so nice to be able to celebrate all day at both parents homes on two separate days.  It is an hour between my parent’s home and hubby’s parents home, so when we go to either it is typically an all day affair.  On Saturday we were in Q-town celebrating.  Because we had two days of celebrating, I have a lot of pictures to share- did you expect any less?




First thing we did was get on the “tractor” as little man says, and ride. A few weeks back we had a really bad storm come through the area and a tornado spun off it on the farm. Thankfully not a whole lot was damaged in the storm, but there was a HUGE tree that was uprooted.  I have heard about what tornados can do but to actually see it in person was pretty amazing.

IMG_4476 copy

Headed to check out the tree.

IMG_4478 copy

IMG_4480 copy

I’m telling you this thing was massive.  The root-bed had to be at least 30 foot tall.

IMG_4488 copy

Scale picture for you, they are around 5’7’-5’9’…nothing compared to the roots on this bad boy.

IMG_4489 copy

We had to get a family picture in front of tree.

IMG_4495 copy

IMG_4499 copy

She was amazed at all the dirt.

IMG_4503 copy

And it quickly became yummy in her tummy.

IMG_4518 copy

After we explored the tree for a little bit, we rode over to check out the garden.  Daddy is explaining to little man that the peas he likes to eat are growing right there. 

IMG_4523 copy

This is what you do on a Friday night on the farm!  Fun times Smile

IMG_4530 copy

Then we played in the corn for a little bit, it was a bit too much “children of the corn” for me. 





Playing in the fields are always fun and it makes for a really pretty sunset.

IMG_4545 copy


Baby girl was enjoying the sunset so much she pulled up a seat for a good view.

IMG_4559 copy

Little man got to pick his first peas, he thought it was the coolest thing.  We told him in a few years he will not think it was that cool.

IMG_4573 copy

IMG_4576 copy

On Saturday, we hung around the house.  Played in the pool and enjoyed great company.


IMG_4581 copy

IMG_4591 copy

Pool time with my Auntie!

IMG_4592 copy

IMG_4595 copy

IMG_4598 copy

IMG_4605 copy

IMG_4608 copy

IMG_4609 copy

We even had some boiled peanuts…nothing like boiled peanuts on a hot summer day!


IMG_4619 copy

Before we headed home, Daddy got a chance to swing the babies and just soak them up!

That is a proud look on this daddy’s face!  Makes me smile so big Smile


IMG_4624 copy


Stayed tuned, on Sunday we headed to the other farm at my parents!

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