Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Slip, You Slide

Do you remember when you were little and your parents bought that super awesome yellow piece of plastic with a little bitty pool at the end of it?!  Or how about when you were in collage and your and your sorority sisters ran to Wal-Mart and bought a huge, clear, plastic tarp and threw it on the side of a hill in the middle of campus and the frat boys came and squirted five HUGE bottles of dish detergent on it and everybody left the “social” with cuts and bruises?!  The slip-n-slide has come a l-o-n-g way, but whoever originally came up with the idea was brilliant!  Last summer while we were still living with my parents, they bought a slip-n-slide pool…looked but I couldn’t find pictures of it…it had a short slide but a decent pool with a little ramp into the pool.  It was super AWESOME!  Us adults: momma, daddy, gammy, and pawpaw of course had to give it a slide to make sure it was working *wink wink*.  It worked and we had such a great time.  Hubby cleared the pool and almost slammed into my parents house, several times!  Fast forward a year, that poor pool had ran its term and was pretty much out of service after our last visit to my parent’s house.  This past Sunday my parents were expecting us for Father’s Day so on my mom’s way home from work on Friday she pulled into Wal-Mart and searched for a new slip-n-slide pool.  They were out *BOO!* but she did find a blow up pool with a slide. 

IMG_4648 copy

Check it out!  The babies were so excited to get in and see what it was about!  At first they wanted nothing more than to ride the sides of the pool like a “yee-haw”. IMG_4631 copy

IMG_4637 copy

After they got used to the cold water and the pool, they were totally into it.  They had the best time running from the sand box to the pool and back and forth.  The slide on the other hand…

IMG_4627 copy

They were not too sure about.  First time down it was cold and they were shocked by the water hitting them in the face.

IMG_4630 copy

She knows the camera is pointed her way.

IMG_4632 copy

Baby girl’s turn on the slide…

IMG_4633 copy

and she ended up head first in the bottom of the pool…she was DONE at that point.  No more slide for princess!

IMG_4634 copy

Hey handsome!

IMG_4636 copy

Instead of sliding, I shall continue to ride my yee-haw, thank you!

IMG_4639 copy

Little man decided to bypass the slide and dive head first into the pool…whatever floats your boat right!?

IMG_4643 copy

After a while baby girl decided the pool was enough for her and she began jumping. 

IMG_4644 copy

She was very interested about the trampoline and how it was made.

We had a great time with Gammy and Pawpaw, it was very relaxing and enjoyable.  We rode the golf cart a couple times and of course little man was wanting to ride more.

IMG_4651 copy

Before we headed home I had to get a picture with daddy/pawpaw.  I wish hubby could have been with us, but we had a great time and we are so thankful to have such a wonderful pawpaw/daddy in our life!

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