Monday, March 19, 2012


When I started dating my hubby ten years ago, golly TEN YEARS.  That is crazy!!  Anyway, when I started dating him, the first time I walked in his parents' home it was a construction zone.  They were adding on their  living room/family room.  Since then, TEN YEARS ago, it has not been touched...until now.

Me and my favorite SIL(s)...I call them that though they are not 'legally' my SIL yet, have been planning for a while to HGTV her room...with or WITHOUT her.  

She got on board with the plan and wanted to add the wood work like we did in our dinning room.  So this weekend we got busy...painted, re-decorated, added wood work, and recovered her bench.  Check out the pics!!! I'm so excited and so proud of how it turned out!

This bench is by far my favorite part...I will post before pics of it tomorrow in my Instagram photo a day challenged of "before/after".

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