Thursday, March 15, 2012

He is a big boy now!

This week both of our babies have been so sick. Hubby stayed home Monday, I stayed home Tuesday and it took both of us yesterday. Two sick babies want nothing but to be held and this mommas lap ain't big enough for two so we took turns rotating between babies.

While they napped hubby and I got the idea to start emptying out the office and turning it into little man big boy room. We've played around with this idea for a few weeks but when they started the new day care it became very obvious how important their individualism is and we decided to make the move now. Everyone, including us, thought this would be a huge adjustment but last night actually went really well.

When they woke from their nap we began explaining how exciting it was gonna be to have their own room. He immediately took on and started packing up his toys and took them to his new room. I was so proud of how big he was being about it.

So last night marked his first night in his own room. And they both did great!

I have a few pictures of the rooms, in progress, but you will have to excuse the toys out and about my kids were "making memories" have you ever heard that saying?! It's def my new thing, don't worry about a clean house because my children are always making memories! :)

I'm so excited because now I can make his room TOTALLY boy and make her room 110% pinkalicious!

I almost forgot, part of our "talking him into it" was we showed him that the coolest part of his own room was that he has a tv and can play "cho cho" (chuggington) and "e-house" (Mickey mouse) any time he wants. He was sooo excited about this!

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