Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fabric earrings

I have seen these on pinterest and several blogs I read and I finally decided I wanted me a pair. I looked on Etsy, not because I was going to buy a pair but because that's what I do. I like to browse etsy before I start any project to "justify" crafting to save money. Don't judge me, it's a game I play with myself. So I saw these earrings in etsy selling anywhere between $10-$18 a PAIR!

So let's get to it. All u need is scrap fabric, button making kit, earring studs, wire cutters and hot glue gun. That's it!

Start by cutting the backs off the buttons, I found it easier to cut them with wire cutters. Then follow the instructions on making the buttons.

Last step, use the hot glue gun to attach the studs. And you are done!! Told ya it was easy!!!

And I'm loving the results!

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