Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Five

One of the blogs I read does a Friday Five each week. I look forward to her instagram pics, favorite new app, and what awesome deals she scored that week. I also find myself wanting to blog more but running out of things to post about, yes I'm kinda boring. So I decided to start my very own Friday Five, here we go folks!

Excuse the pics following the post, I'm blogging from my phone again, it's just so much more convenient. I have hopes that soon they will come out with an update so you can move the pictures to the post and arrange them how you want. Back to my five...

One: new Gimp scripts. I have been using Gimp for about a year now and I love it. Since we moved into our house I haven't really had time to do anything and my skills in Gimp have declined drastically. However last weekend we took family pictures out on the farm, thanks to, and it really inspired me to start using Gimp scripts again and stop my straight out of the camera picture posting. I love editing pictures, playing with effects and pretending to be a photographer. I got on the Internet and looked around and what do you know, there are many new scripts. So I plan on downloading about six new ones tonight and work on getting back into that groove. Warning: that means there will most likely be MANY picture packed posts coming along down the pipes!

Two: looks like my lil man got moved to number two, I had this one saved for last because the best is ALWAYS last. But this blogger app has a mind of it's own so looks like we shall talk about him now. So this time TWO years ago I was sitting at home on bed rest begging God to pllllleeeeaaaasseeee let me have this baby. Little did I know he would be born tomorrow. Hubby came home from work around 4:30 grabbed me and we went walking, for over an hour, and to the hospital we went. It worked, our lil man was born the next day. This handsome fella made my top five this week because we will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow and I'm super excited. It makes me so happy to hear him say "I'm two" awe being a mother is the best job EVER!

Three: my coke zero and work addiction. I have NEVER been a soda drinker but I have needed it lately just to get through my day at the office. I'm not really sure why but it's like I can here it calling my name. Oh and if it can't get worse the cafe has a fountain and everyone knows soda out of the fountain is way better than soda out of a can or bottle so that made it double addicting.

Four: those are gerber daisies and I love them. Hubby and I are working on our yard making it all beautiful and springy. Last night I stopped by lowes and got a heck of a deal I tell ya on mulch (it was only $1 a bag, normally like $3) so I got everything on our list, not knowing about the mulch sale, and rang up $100 below my budget...SCORE!!! So after I got home laid out our plants, talked to the hubs, I got the ok to go back to lowes and get more flowers...score again! I love gerber daisies and we had the in our very first yard and haven't had them since so I picked some up yesterday but put them back trying to stay in budget. But now that I am going back to the store...well you know...hello gerber daisies momma is gonna take you home! And I'm so excited!

Finally five: so I have a confession, besides my slight addiction to coke zero these days, shoes always, and old Friends episodes...I have a MAJOR iPhone addiction. I cannot help it, I love this thing like fat kid loves cake. No offense to anyone reading this blog, I am a fat kid myself and do enjoy me some cake! Seriously though everyone told me to make the move and get the iPhone but I was worried I wouldn't know how to use it, or I would break it. You see I'm really clumsy and I've heard it is glass so I was terrified the thing would be shattered in a week. *fingers crossed* no drops yet. But I'm so glad I got it. I love it so much. I hardly ever use my laptop anymore and I break out my iPad when I'm home and want a bigger screen but when I'm out and about this baby is at my finger tips, has awesome apps, bright screen and is so fast. I have game I play with friends and family, pic apps, and I really could just go on and on but I won't bore you. I just love it.

So there ya go, my first ever Friday Five. It's kinda like my version of ESPNs too plays! I'm digging it. Hope y'all have an awesome Friday and an even better weekend!

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