Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kids Say: Little Man

First edition of my (I hope to make it) regularly scheduled programming of my Kids Say.  Hubby and I enjoy sharing “war stories” about what little man has told us and I wanted to document those somewhere so we can go back in years to come and read through them.  I look forward to starting this and hope you enjoy it as well.  As I stated before, I take NO responsibility for what my kids say (at this point in their life anyway) this is a learning experience for them and they are “testing the waters”…don’t get me wrong if an inappropriate comment is made by either of them hubby and I will: first laugh; second, explain the inappropriateness to them; and three teach the correct way of expressing themselves.  Without further ado….here.we.go!


(psss…aint he cute?!)


While working on potty training, little man’s “turtle” accidently got shut in the toilet seat.  After his initial painful cry…

Little man: “mommy kiss it”

Mommy: “no mommy cannot kiss it”

Little man: “ooohhh band aid!”

Mommy: “we can’t put a band aid on it”

IMG_5378 copy


After having a number two accident while potty training he pretends he's cooking and brought us "chocolate chip" cookies...use your imagination, I wont finish this one.

IMG_5379 copy


Going to school, "No school mommy, too tired"



After daddy telling him not to get ready for school, "Mommy, daddy had a talk with me"



After leaving a number two on his sister's chair- "I pooped momma" as if I couldn't see or smell it!


I just realized in finishing this up that the majority of these comments involve him potty training and his number twos…sorry about that for those that are not interested in reading about that…like I said this is raw, true, toddler time!! haha gotta love it!!

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