Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kids Say: Baby Girl Edition

So you know I started the Kids Say editions, little man’s was shared yesterday, so here we go for the princess edition…

(no it is not as graphic as little man’s)



While pointing to the football and doing a kicking motion "kick it!"

IMG_5408 copy


Any time you ask her a question she quietly (like the little boy on the tv show "The Middle") responds "yes".

IMG_5409 copy


If you ask her what the Seminoles say she'll respond "oh oh oh" while does the chop (yes this makes her Daddy very proud).

IMG_5415 copy

I don’t have as many to share for baby girl right now because she is still learning words, but she is getting better about putting phrases together.  I can’t wait to share more from her, as she learns more words.

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