Monday, August 27, 2012

Washing Momma’s Car

After getting back from a week of travel, I had a LOT of clothes that needed washing, a house that needed cleaning, and two babies that needed “momma time”.  side note- I have to give MAJOR props to my poor hubby.  He had a week from you know where while I was out of town.  He had help from both grandma’s but he still was stressed out come Friday.  It wasn’t just taking care of the babies without momma here, but he had more to deal with.  For starters my car was in the shop (and had been for going on two weeks) the rental car we had apparently was due back on Monday, however we didn’t know it.  The dealership called me in class on Tuesday looking for the rental and said mine was ready for pick up, I guess we were just supposed to know that!?  So hubby had to rush get the babies then the rental car, beg his mom to take him and the babies to the dealership and get my car.  Then Wednesday, little man was sent home from school sick only an hour after hubby got to work.  Thursday was good, until he got a call from the daycare saying that baby girl’s eye was running.  When he got home he said it looked like someone punched her in her face.  Friday morning he had to take her to the doctor and found out it was pink eye.  Then she began running a temp and he had to send her to my mom’s because I wasn’t expected to get home until close to midnight.  WOW!  What a week for my poor hubby.  I have said it before and I will say it again, I have been blessed with the most amazing man I could ever imagine for my hubby and baby’s daddy!! Thank you baby for holding down the fort while I was gone, you rock my socks and I love you so much!

Ok, back to washing my car.  My car has only been washed…maybe…two times since I have had it.  So it was due!  We started with vacuuming then was to the fun part! 


Make work fun, and they will work for hours!  *tips and tricks of being a mommy, haha*


I think they give Super Suds a run for their money.


Oh wait, we can fit in the buckets!?!? Heck yes!


After a long afternoon of washing the car, they were ready for some popsicle time. 


After we cleaned up we headed inside for some Mickey Mouse time before nap.


I cannot believe how big my babies are.  I swear they grew ten times faster this week that I was gone.  Speaking of, little man has kept us in tears from laughing lately with his comments and carrying conversations with us.  I cannot wait to get a Kids Say post out with some of his latest words!


It was a perfect ending to my incredibly fast weekend! 


I’m starting my week with prayers for those already effected by Isaac and praying that his impact at landfall will not be too rough.

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