Sunday, August 26, 2012

Change Up My Wardrobe

Have you seen all those adorable outfits on Pinterest and wish it was an unlimited shopping spree.  I have done that since I signed up with Pinterest.  I always look at others and think they look so put together and cute.

Sleevless collar and colored sold.



Cant find that source.  You can follow my “the look” pinboard here to see all more ideas.

I have NEVER been able to dress “in style”, in my opinion. I started following a couple of fashion blogs, What She Wore 365 and Putting Me Together. I love them both for different reasons. What she wore is awesome and taught me how to put things together that I never would have thought about. While Putting Me Together has shown me that adding an accessory or two can really change an outfit.

I got a bag full of clothes from my SIL and could not be happier about all the “new” things to choose from in my closet. I also hit up our Country Dollar (for those not aware it is an amazing accessory show where everything is a $1). Country Dollar didn’t have too much but I did get a few new items. My main goal in doing this is that I wanted to start looking more put together and more like an adult.

I had training last week and wanted to look like a professional while I was there so I really focused on getting some new ideas for that training.

So, here we go my new “style” (if you will) of dressing…hope you like it!









New shoes!  LOVE them Smile


One of my new Country Dollar purchases.







Had to take a picture of my nervous face.  This was test day!


I have been trying to dress better for two weeks and it really has helped me by looking at Pinterest and the two blogs I shared.

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Ashleigh-Anne: said...

I love those black sparkly shoes!! Looks like you got some great new pieces! Have you ever shopped at Paisley Daisy? It's an accessory store kind of like Country Dollar. Also, Eye Candy is great! Both stores are very reasonably priced and have adorable, trendy accessories! I make a stop by both of them each time I'm in town! :)