Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sensory Bin #1: Pasta


A friend of mine introduced me to sensory bins/activities for toddlers back at the beginning of July.  I only attempted one that she suggested and I liked it and the babies LOVED it.  After that I “got busy” with everyday life and didn’t think about them again until another blog I follow posted her sensory bin and how much her daughter really enjoyed it.  I have noticed in the past few weeks that my babies seem bored with their toys.  Hubby and I threw around some ideas but we just don’t have the money to fork over to ditch their old toys and buy new ones.  After reading again about the sensory bin this week, it was like a light blub moment *my babies need sensory bins*.  I started searching around the internet and came up with so many ideas.  I planned out the remainder of the year full of sensory projects.  I’m hoping to accomplish two a month and I’m trying to keep them themed for the month.  I’m really super excited about them and cannot wait to play with the babies and their new adventures.


Our first bin is a dry pasta bin.  But before I get to explaining my bin I want to share what I found to be the most helpful site incase you are looking for sensory ideas.  I googled many different blogs and articles and came up with my “game plan” from collaborating all the ideas together and decided on what I thought was best for our family.  But my favorite site of them all was Play Create Explore she has so many great ideas if you have youngins in your house.  I loved her stuff so much, she has officially been added to my reader!


So, what did we do with our pasta bin?  We ate it!  I’m not kidding that was babygirl’s thought…I mean it IS pasta mom!


At first little man was the only one interested, but then I got down and showed them what I hoped they would do with the bowls, cups, and spoons. 


They acted like they thought it was Christmas.  I put two boxes with dividers in the bin and told little man to separate the pasta by shape find ones that look alike.  I showed baby girl how to take the wooden spoons and stir the pasta.


Then I showed them how to use the cups and move the pasta from the bin to their very own bowl.


They were really enjoying themselves.  I know I could have dyed the pasta, and honestly that is my intent down the road.  But I thought lets start basic and I will work my way up as they get used to this idea. 


Little man even tried balancing the pasta on the spoon.  It is amazing to me how having children can make things simple again.  I sit at work all day stressing over things that seem so important and so big, then I get home with my babies and hubby and things seems so simple.  Pasta, dry pasta and a few bowls, and they are amazed.  All it took was pasta!?  How much money do we spend on fancy toys and the latest and best, and all they needed was pasta!? 


I put one of their toy spatulas in there and showed little man how to use it to move the pasta from one dish to another.  They really enjoyed it and I love the idea of introducing them a new bin every two weeks.  I look forward to the different activities I have planned with them and watching them grow and learn along the way.  Have you thought about a sensory bin with your little one?  I highly recommend them if you haven’t, and a BIG thank you to my friends for sharing this great idea with me!



I do not recommend introducing a pasta filled activity 30 minutes after dinner was supposed to be done, and you are just starting to cook.  I do not recommend a pasta filled activity when you are thirty minutes later than normal getting home and your babies are EXHAUSTED.  These two situations can lead to a MESS, and by a mess I mean the pasta all over the floor, the babies fighting over a spoon (even though I specifically put TWO in the bin) and momma pulling her hair out trying to break up fights, keep the pork chops from burning, and clean up pasta without stepping on anymore pasta!  I will bring the bin out next time in a “happier” time Smile  Just my opinion and suggestion, you will find what works best for you and your family.  I do have to say they were sheer joy for 30 minutes then they realized the pasta was raw, and dinner wasn’t done…it’s mommy’s fault I knew better! 

IMG_5524 copy

Much happier babies after they eat! 

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