Monday, September 3, 2012

West Palm Beach

I have to travel for work and often I will be gone for three days, in fact I think three days is the most I have been away from them. Last week I had to travel for work and it was NO fun! I was in class from 8:00 – 5:00 or later every day and missed my family so bad. One part that made it a little bit easier is I had one heck of a hotel room. Traveling with the state is often not very glamorous. I rarely have a room big enough for me and all my stuff. This time my room was like an apartment. Here, I will show you. Ladies and gentlemen (I don’t know if I have any gentlemen that read my blog), my room for the week- cribs style!


The kitchen/living room.  This was more like an apartment, no lie, it was the biggest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in for work. 


The counters were granite and a very pretty color.


I do not know why, but the shower amazed me!  I thought it was so cool to have a glass shower door inside my hotel room.


Full size mirror, score!  As I mentioned earlier, I’m trying to dress better so I need a full size mirror to make sure my outfit actually matches.


The sectional in the living room, it was super comfy as I spent MANY hours on it studying.


I love the little lamps everywhere, so cozy.


There was a frosted glass door separating the living room and the master bedroom.


The king size bed.  This was one of the most comfy beds I have ever had in a hotel.  I was a king and I slept like a king in it!


The bedroom TV and chair.


I thought the chair was cute…I imagined if it were mine how I would recover it with a super cute yellow and white chevron fabric.  Yes, I actually did that because I got that bored and that lonely every night I had to do something to entertain myself in between study sessions.



The closet was too big for my stuff.


Another reason I loved the lamps, convenient little outlet for my phone.


My view was pretty awesome too.  West Palm Beach was so pretty.




My view looking down was not so great, just the parking garage.


And the tennis courts and pool.


All in all it was a great week and I got a lot of experience.  My poor hubby was home with the babies sick and dealing with a car dealership from you know where.  I have always known he was pretty amazing, that is why I have kept him for so long *wink* but after this week my poor hubby really showed exactly how amazing he is.  He handled the week so awesome and I cannot imagine how stressed he was.  I love him!

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