Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It’s Fall Yall!

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We have done project after project after project on this house since we moved in this house. And we are tired! I have to admit when we were house hunting we did not fall in love with this house. What we fell in love with was the neighborhood, the location, the price, and we both saw potential to make this house perfect for us. However, I did not imagine we would do so many projects in the first year. We still have a few months to go to mark our year anniversary in the house, but we are done with the projects for the first year.

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So many people have told me “yeah right”, but seriously we are. It is my favorite time of the year and getting closer to holiday season. Can you believe Christmas is two months away?! When did that happen? So we are done, we want to enjoy football games, fall festivities, each other, and the holidays. That’s not to say we wont ring in the New Year with a DIY project…just maybe!

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To kick off my fall break from house projects, I took the babies outside to enjoy some awesome fall weather Sunday afternoon. I’m in LOVE with fall for many reasons, and the weather right there at the top.

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We did the usual stuff like…

IMG_5783 copy

IMG_5766 copy

Eating ice cream…the babies are going to miss this come winter…

IMG_5763 copy

IMG_5768 copy

…playing in the water…

IMG_5788 copy

IMG_5791 copy

…playing with each other…

IMG_5764 copy

IMG_5765 copy

…but this time little man played with his helicopter too.

IMG_5773 copy

IMG_5775 copy

He is amazed at how high he can make it go.

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IMG_5780 copy

It was the perfect little Sunday afternoon, just relaxing and enjoying each other…with no paint fumes coming from the garage, no saw dust on the floor, and no incomplete projects dangling over my head.

IMG_5784 copy

Here’s to a happy Fall yall!

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