Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Easy Taco Seasoned Chicken


I have been so bored with eating the same boring, FAT, food.  I decided I would change that and started looking to Pinterest for some ideas.  I have pinned a lot of new things for us to try and I plan on blogging those I like so that it is easy for me to remember how I made the dish.  I never make a dish 100% followed by the recipe, mostly because I rarely have all the ingredients in my pantry and I do not always like all the ingredients in the dishes so I mix it up a little bit.  For this dish I started with this pin that suggested a package of taco seasoning and a package of ranch seasoning with a can of chicken broth in the crock pot on low for three hours with about a pound of chicken breasts.  I pretty much followed that except I wait for the broth to boil, stir my seasonings and add the chicken breast.  If you follow the pin to it's original source you will get take to This blog, but the recipe is different, however that is how I prepared my chicken.

After the chicken was done I dropped the breasts into my Kitchen Aid mixer and put it on low for  about a minute.  While it was shredding the meat I added the juices from the crock pot to help it stay moist.  After about a minute, the mixer will have your chicken breasts completely shredded.

I did not want tacos because I’m not really a taco lover, but I LOVE a salad.  So I took iceberg lettuce, the shredded chicken, my homemade Mexican rice (will post that recipe soon), hot sauce, and topped it off with ranch dressing…let me tell you this was absolutely delish!  I ate this meal for about three nights in a row because I could not get enough.  This will become a new “go to” meal for my family because it is super easy and tastes awesome.

Here is another picture for your mouth to water over!


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