Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Boy Bed

Big Boy Bed3

Little man has been sleeping in his crib-converted big boy bed for about two months or so now. He has done good with it. Goes right to sleep at bed time. He started about a month ago, waking up at 5AM…yes my friends I said 5:00 AM! I have NEVER had to get up that early with either of my babies. We were blessed beyond belief to have two babies that have slept 7-7 since birth, so this was very difficult for us.

Big Boy Bed2

We ran through idea after idea of what could be wrong. We finally settled with the idea that maybe his bed was not big enough and he was running out of room, causing him to wake up. Or maybe he is scared of the dark and now that he is not stuck in a crib he can come get in bed with Momma and Daddy.

We headed to town in search of a full size bed. We decided on a full so he could keep it for a while, hopefully until he grows up and moves out *tear*. We also picked up a night light, hoping that would help too.

And the verdict…

Big Boy Bed

He LOVES his big boy bed, and we are loving our sleep. We are still not sure if it was the light or the bed, but the combination is working and for that folks- we are greatful!

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