Friday, September 7, 2012

Maple Syrup Chicken


We have been eating a LOT of chicken on our “non-diet” and one thing about chicken is it is hard to flavor it.  I have a dry rub that I use at least twice a week but I wanted a marinade that was different from the savory taste my dry rub makes in the chicken.  I came across this pin which took me to this recipe for a honey mustard maple syrup chicken.  Here is how I changed it up.


I started with:

honey mustard dressing

maple syrup



black pepper

sea salt


apple juice

First thing I did was lay my chicken in a bowl.  One thing I am HORRIBLE about is measuring, the only time I measure anything is when I am baking, so if you try to duplicate my recipe I am sorry I do not know any of my measurements but I can tell exactly how I made it!  After laying the chicken out in the bowl, I covered it with my seasonings.  I sprinkled, lightly, all of the seasonings over the chicken until it was all well coated, then I flipped the chicken over and repeated.  Next I stabbed the chicken with a fork and drizzled honey mustard and maple syrup over the chicken, about a half cup of each.  Then I poured enough apple juice in the bowl to cover the chicken, about a cup.


I let the chicken sit for about forty minutes while I finished the rest of the meal.


I roasted some garlic to spread over the chicken, it was so yummy but I love garlic.  I honestly believe that every meal should have garlic and onions some how included.

After the chicken was marinated, I used our stove top griddle and grilled the chicken until it was golden brown.  Because I used chicken tenderloins, they only cooked about 5 minutes on both sides over medium heat and were done to perfection.  The chicken had a savory taste (from the dry rub) but a slight sweet thick coating from the maple syrup and honey mustard. 


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