Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Play House/Aunt Caitlin Birthday

Friday night we got to host Aunt Caitlin’s birthday part for our family.  It is always fun to have company over, enjoying each other, eating some grub and playing with the babies.  We started the evening off right with a little play house fun.


A few weeks ago our realtor called us asking if we were interested in getting a play house/swing set for the babies.  I told her we are but wasn’t sure if it would fit in our backyard.  We have a small backyard and we are scared to crowd it up.  But she had some clients that were wanting to get rid of it, so we went to check it out.  Although it was pretty big, we decided to get it and send half to my parents and we would keep half.  Worked out perfect and the babies are in LOVE with it.


They love that they can climb up and slide down all by themselves.


I love they can be entertained for HOURS!


Even baby girl can climb up without help.


She likes to lean out the top window and “cheese”…scared me to death!


We have to remind her to go down on her hiney.


She also has to be reminded that we cannot throw pinecones from the top story, targeting her brother’s head.


After a few reminders she’s good and down the slide she goes.


He’s handsome.


Mommy love!


Their new one is a big upgrade from this one.


They were successful at talking everyone into getting in the house with them.


Baby girl pretends the bottom is her house.


After some playing in the new house, it was time for “airplane”…uncle Nick ALWAYS plays airplane and the babies LOVE it!


Baby girl convinced Papaw to fly her.


They ran the backyard over and over.


Finally it was time to head inside for some pizza and presents.


Aunt Caitlin was birthday caked out, thank God, so we had frozen hot chocolate instead.  Heaven on earth=frozen hot chocolate, just incase you were wondering.  It truly is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  It’s like yummy chocolatey goodness, with whipped cream, topped with more chocolatey goodness syrup….what’s not to LOVE?!


Little man wasn’t into singing happy birthday…he was being “shy”.


Baby girl was all in the singing celebration…let me tell you, if you have not been apart of a birthday celebration with the Dawkins then you truly are missing out.  There is no other family that sings the birthday song like they do, and that’s all I can say about that!


Because we did not have a cake, we had to make do with a birthday CANDLE! haha but she blew it out like a champ!


Little man got to help open gifts, he wasn’t sure what to do with the cookie cookbook though. 


He knew exactly what to do with the shades!


Cool kid yall!


Happy Birthday Aunt Caitlin.  We hope you had a great birthday and we look forward to the next family get together.  It’s always a pleasure to host any party at our place, we just love company…and now that I have found the frozen hot chocolate recipe we will be glad to host company every weekend Winking smile any excuse for frozen hot chocolate is a great excuse to me!

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