Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little This and That


A few weeks back we went to a bead show with Gammy and her friend.  I got some pretty cool beads but it was just fun getting out and looking at the beads.  Sounds pretty boring for the babies so I came prepared with plenty of snacks. 


First thing baby girl did when we got there was score some chocolate from one of the vendors.


To keep them entertained, we gave the our phones to watch mickey mouse…little man watched the show while baby girl “talked” to daddy.


The next series of pictures are from last weekend when we went to visit gammy and PawPaw.


We tried to get the babies familiar with the Halloween decorations.  Little man was fine with the grim.


Baby girl, not so much.  *Note: look at her expression!


We did some jumping.


You know same ole same ole


Love the look here like “mom seriously, more pictures?”


I enjoy practicing my shutter priority setting when I can and jumping on the trampoline is a great time to practice shutter speed.


It was too cold to swim so they took the slide out of the pool and just used it.


Work with what ya have!


Random pictures, but wanted to share them!

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