Tuesday, October 2, 2012

C25K Update

I posted my beginning of my training for a 5k and us trying to eat healthier but I haven't done an update.  I think it's important to document your progress when you are trying to loose weight for many reasons.  Mainly so you can see how you are progressing but also as a way to vent frustrations.  I have had my fair share of frustrations with this journey.

When I started training my goal was to run the jingle bell run 5k race here in town this December.  I have NEVER been a runner, in fact when I was cheer leading running was the part I hated most about strength and conditioning.  So running a race for the fun of it sounded crazy to me.  But I knew if I didn't have some goal I would give up and quit without finishing.  To add to it my hubby and I started watching what we were eating and I began logging my calories in my fitness pal (don't have that app? Get it, now! It's amazing). My goal wasnt for me to loose weight it was for him to loose weight.

But how could I expect him to diet and work hard if I wasn't so I decided to do it with him, for him.

I don't realize how big I was too.  I wasn't huge by any means but I was over weight so loosing weight could benefit me too.

We haven't "given up" anything besides sodas, snacks, and eating out often.

Literally all we are doing is calorie counting and portion control.

He's lost 43lbs. (This is an old comparison)
photo (1)

And I've lost 15lbs.

photo (2)
I'm running 2.75 miles right now, with no breaks and no walking. Yes, go me!  I'm running my first 5k at Halloween now, thanks to a dear friend for talking me into doing it with her.

And I started my last week of training this week.

His goal is to loose another 50lbs or so.
My goal is to loose another 15lbs and to finish training for a 10k. I have to have goals y'all or I will quit.
Our goal as a family is to teach our children that you can eat yummy tummy food but only eat your portion worth.  And we want them to see us as healthy and active parents that encourage them to do the same.

I'm proud of us, mostly I'm proud of my hubby. He's done an amazing job and I'm so exited to see more weight loss from him because I can tell he's much happier with himself and he's proud of where he has come. 

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