Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cat Pumpkin and Spider Web


Our Halloween craft this year was really simple and easy for me to plan, dollar spot at Target!  They had these little kits that claimed to have everything you need inside, and only $1!  Hubby and I looked at each other, score!  I love planning crafts and activities for the babies to do, it’s great for their motor skills, but some times it is hard to come up with something “kid-friendly” and some times I don’t have all the stuff I need at home and can’t find it.  So when we ran into these at the dollar spot, I couldn’t resist.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the packaging.


We picked up two kits, one was a pumpkin and one was a spider web.  Opened the kits and realized everything really was in the kit that you needed.  Even little sticky dots to “glue” everything together.  


Little man started working on his spider web with his Daddy.


The stuff was all foam, it was soft, and the babies loved squeezing it.


We did have to help them peel the stickers off the back but they got to help us place them and push them on.


After we were done making our craft we began discussing how we should display them.


Little man had the best idea, we should hang them up!


The girls’ cat pumpkin.


Daddy photo bombed us!


The boys’ spider web.


Best picture I could get of the babies and their crafts. 


So where did they decide they wanted to hand their crafts…


yup, right there on the front door!


After they hung them up, baby girl had to give her cat a kiss.  I guess because she figured, as her Daddy and I did, that due to the weather this cat pumpkin may not make it long.


They were so proud of their work  and didn’t want to leave them hanging up.  We had to explain to them that decorations are meant to look at and not play with.  We have this talk daily as baby girl thinks mommy’s inside pumpkins are to be chunked at her brother when he takes a toy from her.  Or to carry them around as if they are her new baby doll.  While little man thinks the pumpkins that light up, are actually there to test his skills on “ringing the hole” while he tries to unplug and re-plug them in, over and over again.  These are lessons we have daily trying to teach that decorations are meant to look at and not touch.


But as for this year’s Halloween craft, I say it was a huge success and they were so proud!!

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