Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Time is Finally Here!!!

**Note: LOOONG blog post ahead, and sorry no pics YET**

Most of you reading this blog are aware of our "story" but only a few of you know the details about what my family has been through in the past *almost* two years.  This post has been in the back of my mind for two years, I have written it several times in my mind and now that I am sitting down to actually write is going much differently than I imagined.

In March of 2010 my hubby and I walked outside to find a rather large hole in our front yard.  This hole, which was large enough to swallow two vehicles was deemed a sink hole.  At the time it happened, I never would have imagined to go through the next two years like we have.  Like I said, I imagined this post to focus on all the details of what my family has gone through...every single detail...while they are fresh in my mind...and that's not to "air my family's dirty laundry" but to document these details while they are still fresh to have something to go back to in years to come.  But now that I sit here writing this post, I have decided to focus on the aftermath and not the battle. So, VERY long story short: a sink hole opened in our front yard, we moved us and our baby out and into my parents' home, we have lived with them almost two years, had a second baby, and finally today signed the papers on the sell of our sink hole home.  

This is honestly the best feeling I have felt in a long time, besides having our two babies this feels like the best day of the last two years.  The stress, the worry, the fear, the depression, gone...I finally feel like a person again.  I feel like myself, I feel like I have no worries (although I know that wont last long), it is truly AMAZING!! 

What makes me even more excited is we have already begun looking for our next home, selected one, entered into a contract and are set to close!  I am so excited to be able to FINALLY blog about my house, begin working on diy projects again, and enjoy raising my family in OUR home.  Don't get me wrong, we are SOOOO thankful for my family allowing us to live with them, scratch that TAKE OVER, their home. We will never thank them enough for all they have done for us. 

So the new house, I know you are all on edge DyInG to know about it.  Where did we find one, what does it look like, when was it built, how many bedrooms, how many bath, what's the yard like...I get it...but honestly its not that impressive right now but my most favorite part about this home is me and hubby went into it thinking this is NOT the perfect house for us, but it IS the perfect house for us to turn into OUR HOME!!! We already have a DIY list a mile long, I have paint colors chosen, decorations I have been making, furniture ideas picked out, and the pantry organized!  I know I'm a little anxious but come on people I haven't had a house in TWO YEARS!!!! I feel like a kid on Christmas morning, I cannot sleep at night dreaming up ideas and picturing my sofa in the living room and the picture I'm gonna hang on the back wall of the living room...ooooohhhhhh mmmmyyyy gooosssshhhhh I'm excited!!!

I cannot wait to post our journey in getting in the new house, projects, and document us beginning our life again.  It's like we are newly weds all over again, but this time we have two babies....YESSSSS!!!!!!! :)  Life is GREAT yall and I am sooo thrilled to get it started :) 


Ashleigh-Anne: said...

I'm so happy for y'all! Congratulations! I know that must be a great feeling. Even through it all, you are so blessed!

JeS said...

I'm so happy for you! What I want to know is, how were you able to sell the house with the situation?!?!

Jessica Kruger said...

I'm very excited for you guys. CONGRATS! It's been a long time coming.